7 Nov 2012

i had no time to post yesterday , Tuesday 6th November, so i will give an account now.

Yesterday i served TWO men.

The FIRST was a gorgeous, handsome, sexy young dark man. I havent pleasured him since January and so it was so lovely to see his return.

He loves his arse being rimmed and i even put on my latex gloves and gave him an internal prostate massage as he exploded down my throat.
He is a discreet man and so he requested that no pictures be take. So , i am sorry i cannot share more with you.

The SECOND visitor yesterday was a young Black African lad , about 20yrs of age. He had not been pleasured by a tgirl before. He said the internet was responsible for perking his curiosity and he now wanted to try everything out there.
So , i was honored to be his first and it was my pleasure to suck him and rim him before he exploded down my throat.

Here is his delicious manhood.

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