26 Jan 2013

Tiffany becomes a toilet for nasty men

On 22nd Jan 2013 I posted a blog about a man using me as his urinal.
Someone commented that they would like to have seen a video of this


i DON'T have a video of THAT event , but , here is one for you all of me being pissed on in the past.

i would like to , one day , become a full SERVICE TOILET - both piss and scat.
If this interests YOU (Black AND white men included) then get in touch xxx


  1. Thank you for sharing this video, it's short but hot for me. Yes, I think you should become full toilet slut. Would like to help you but unfortunately I'm not from London or even from UK, so I can only wait for pics and videos of you and lucky guys using you as living toilet for their piss and scat.

    1. And thank YOU for taking the time to comment. Let us both hope that i will indeed receive that training and have those videos for you all . Kisses , Tiffany xxxx

    2. I hope you will do it soon. I love your face covered with cum, but want to see you covered with piss and scat too.