30 Jan 2013

You can be nice or nasty - don't be put off

A recent first time visitor to me said he was full of trepidation before arriving , as he had seen my blog and he thought that i might be "too much" for him , or , more importantly that he would NOT be "enough" for me !

You see , he was just a regular guy just seeking a chill and a blow -job , but , he had read tales of the nasty men who visit me and felt that he was a bit "lacking".

Let me set the record straight.

I meet and pleasure dark skinned men whom i am attracted to.
Whatever happens when we meet is entirely up to them.
i expect NOTHING of them and nothing from them except that they have a wonderful experience , in the way that THEY want to happen.
At any moment , if they do not feel comfortable , they can just turn around and leave.

So guys , I PREFER it if you just be yourself.
If your personality is just laid back and gentle and you want just a blow-job or something , then THAT IS FINE BY ME.

If you are a NATURALLY aggressive , rough or dominant man with kinky ideas , then , i am here to fulfil those needs and desires for you.

i can be all things to all men , to all types and personalities of men.

All i ask is that you be yourself and use me in whatever way you are comfortable with.

i am only happy when YOU are happy and have been fulfilled.
The greatest compliment that i can receive is that you say you want to visit me again.

Remember, a visit to Tiffany is ALL ABOUT YOU , YOUR needs and desires. It is not about me.
There are no strings , no fee asked of Dark skinned men who i am attracted to and pleasure in my free time.


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