10 Jan 2013

A comment ... to share with you

I thought I would share this comment that someone left for me on my profile on another website on the internet........ It seems like this man definitely has the measure of me :-)


Due to distance this will have to remain fantasy....for now.

I knock on your door & you open it dressed like a dogs dinner in black basque, stockings, tight black panties & six inch heels towering over me.
I push you to one side & walk into your apartment 'wheres my drink slut, I want a straight whiskey'.
You totter of to fetch me my drink.
On your return I take a slow sip on my whiskey 'mmm nice & the slut isn't too bad neither, come here' I grab your arse & give it a hard squeeze.
Put some porn on & bring your rimming stool, I've had a long journey & need to chill.
You do as as I say & automatically get into position with your face under the stool.
I take of my shoes & pull down my pants, underneath I'm wearing black nylon panties which I don't remove.
As I take my position on the stool my cock beginning to harden I say 'Ok slut I haven't washed or changed my panties for three days & its taking me four hours driving to get here in this hot weather, by the time I leave I want the cleanest arsehole in London'
I look down at you from between my legs 'but for now stick your nose in my dirty nylon covered arsecrack & sniff my filthy arsehole.
You force your nose up between my arse cheeks & the acrid smell of my dirty, sweaty manhole overpowers your nostrils & you pull away.
'Listen you worthless piece of nasty street whore don't you realise what an honorable position you are in, now get your fucking nostrils in my brown arsehole I want to feel the air on my hole as you inhale deeply'
You push your nostrils against my hole & inhale long & slow ' thats good & again inhale deeply in & out'
'thats great keep going your doing just fine'
I can tell your beginning to get turned on by my man smell as you get accustomed to my aroma & I can hear you taking deeper & deeper sniffs, as well as feeling more & more air rush past my arsehole as you push your nose further up my filthy hole.
My attention turns to the porn film & I take another sip of my whiskey as I watch two sluts rimming & sucking a lucky fucker on the screen, your nose buries itself further in searching for more of my manhole smell that you have begun to get addicted to as you gasp in pleasure.
My cock hardens pushing itself against my panties trying to fnd a way out.
I finish my whiskey tell you to stay put, get up to poor myself another drink, remove my panties & sit myself back down.
'Ok you worthless, filthy, nasty, arse sniffing whore time for your tongue.....'

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