28 Jan 2013

2 NEW visitors today

Guy 1

"Mr Big" is so called because of his stature. i did not ask his age but i would guess at early '20's.
He is a towering 6ft 5ins tall, with big broad shoulders and massive thighs. He is a giant of a boy, handsome , sexy and very appealing.
He contacted me saying he had met a few crossdressers before but "no-one like you!" i think that was a compliment !!!

In his email to me he said he wanted me dressed as a schoolgirl.

When this man mountain undressed it was a joy to see his thick , juicy, uncut , 8inch cock at full attention.
i immediately began to suck him and he laid back and enjoyed my talented tongue.
In no time at all he said he wanted to fuck me. Goodness , he fucked my ass for the longest time in all sorts of positions. He particularly enjoyed me straddling him and pumping my ass up and down on his dick.
After a lot of fucking he told me to suck him more.

He surprised me that whilst i was in full sucking motion he streamed a controlled mouth full of piss in to my mouth. Gosh , i have never experienced that before.

As he was about to cum , he jumped to his feet , pushed me on my knees and cum in my mouth.

He is a dream of a boy and i look forward to serving him more in the future.

This is how i was dressed for him today........

Guy 2

My second visitor was equally impressive in stature. When you think of the term "black bull" then this man embodies it fully.
He is mad on tgirls and has met many in the past , although our paths have never crossed (surprisingly).

He is about 5ft 9ins tall, i guess in his 30's or 40's and, what i would say, looked like a "daddy".
He has distinguished look and he is MASSIVE in body. 

Now , there are big men who are simply fat and there are men who are as big as the fat men , but , their are mostly solid and muscular.

This man was solid. His neck alone was as thick as my thighs - he is massive ! (In the best possible way) His neck was so big , he had "folds" in the back of it. I find that VERY sexy.
His thighs must have been as thick as my waist !

He was so , so , so sexy and appealing. There is always something about the power of a man mountain, like him , against a wee slip of a girl, like me, that appeals so much , physically and mentally.
I felt that power when he grabbed both of my hands in just one of his and held them tightly as he instructed me to suck him, using my mouth only and not to touch him with my hands.

He particularly enjoyed my rimming seat as he lowered his massive , solid ass on to my face and mouth. My tongue pleasured his big , manly arse hole and he only released me from my predicament to cum all over my face.

i have invited him to our trans girls and Black men gangbang parties and i do also hope that i will be seeing him again on my own.

Regrettably there are no pictures to post of me serving him , as he did not want any taken.
Below is a picture though , it is NOT of the man i pleasured today, BUT it is a representation of the type of Bull that he is :-)

BOTH of these imposing and sexy men now know that they OWN ME , OWN MY MOUTH AND OWN MY ASS and that they can call upon me to give them pleasure whenever they want.

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