11 Jan 2013

Wednesday Jan 9th

On Wednesday I SERVED TWO MEN. One i have served and blogged before , so  i will just tell you about the one.

"Mr.R" is a mid-twenties black boy. He has been fantasising about tgirls for many years but has never properly met one.

Recently he had a date with a crossdresser but he told me it was not very pleasant as she was not at all convincing and he felt no connection whatsoever.

My heart drops when i hear stories like this and i am amazed that men actually then go ahead and have a second date with a tgirl (after having such a bad or midi-ochre first experience)

Some guys i have met have told me of having their first time with an escort. Typically they go for a Brazillian She-Male or a Thai Ladyboy escort etc... who takes £200 from them.
Now , not ALL escorts are the same , so i can only tell you what the guys that i have met have told me. Most of them have told me that although they looked great in their pictures , this then leads them to build up a scenario in their head about how fantastic and amazing it will be when they meet them.
More often than not they tell me of situations where they have met them and they are "bedraggled". They have obviously seen a few clients that day and are tired and a bit jaded. The experience they have had with them then is that the tgirl escort will simply go through the motions and try to make them cum as quickly as they can , in order to get them out of the door and get their next client in. You see , to SOME of these girls it is only about the money. They do not care if they have a connection with their client.

i do wish all men had met ME first. You see , i only pleasure men whom i find mutually attractive and so , when they visit me , they know that i am IN to THEM and genuinely want to pleasure and serve them and give them the BEST possible experience.

Anyway, back to "Mr.R" , i could tell he was pleased by my appearance and genuinely delighted. We took no time at all getting in to a full "girlfriend experience" with lots of kissing , touching etc..
He is SUCH a handsome young man and i too found him VERY sexy.
Naturally , i sucked him and then i introduced him to rimming. He had never been rimmed before and he loved it. He fucked me in the bedroom and he withdrew and cum all over my face !
We had a short rest and then we started all over again !

What a pleasure to meet this handsome young man. i look forward to his next visit and i have even invited him to our exclusive Dark Thrust Tgirl and Black Men Parties where i will be able to supply 5 or 6 tgirls holes for him to enjoy (free of chare of course !)

i am so pleased to have turned things around for "Mr.R" and he can now put his first ever experience with a crossdresser far behind him and set5 him on track with sexy transvestite tgirls instead.


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