2 Jan 2013

One guy today

Like many guys , "Mr. D" has been curious about tgirls for a while and recently decided to do something about it.
i am so glad that he contacted ME !

Let me just give you a physical description first. Well HANDSOME, mid 20's I would guess , dark skinned (of course), TALL ( he must have been over 6ft as i am 6ft 2ins in my heels and he was matching me!) and one of the longest cocks i have ever seen. He says he is 9.5 inches. Well , i have had guys before telling me they have a 10 inch dick but this guy was LONGER than any of them, so , i am gonna say 10.5 inch dick ! There is a picture at the end of this post BUT you can never tell the full extent of the length of dick in a photo.

Now reader, you will already know that for me , GENUINELY i do not care if a Black man has a 4 inch dick or a 14inch dick. i am NOT a size queen. All i care about is serving cock. However , when a cock comes my way that is unusually large , well then it is a welcome surprise.

Being new to tgirls all i am going to say is that i introduced him to the pleasure of tgirl tongue pleasure on his dick , rimming (he had never experienced that before and it blew his mind) and milking his prostate with my finger. (THAT send him in to a frenzy !)

i am under describing it here as guys who have met ME will KNOW that MY sucking , MY rimming and MY fingering is full of technique and passion and NOTHING like they will have experienced before.
"Mr. D" also fucked me and that big cock of his opened me up so much he even then got four of his fingers in my ass.

i am going to stop there. i could go on for pages in describing how sensational this man was instead of just reducing it down to the "sex acts" in the paragraph above.... but i won't.
WHY ? Because it was so SPECIAL.

99 percent of the time , the meetings between me and myself with men is all about sex. And that is fine , i am happy for men to use me as a sex object for their needs and desires, after all , thats what i am all about. BUT occasionally (rarely) a man will come along and we have such a wonderful connection that it transcends just sex. When that happens , i don't like to elaborate on it as it might somehow "cheapen" it, since it is VERY special indeed.

"Mr D" is a special man and we had an extraordinary special time. Don't worry though you other men  , "Mr.D" is just as happy with his single life as i am and so although i hope "Mr. D" and myself enjoy many "special" times in the future, i will STILL be available to all of you dark boys to be your sex object.

Just one guy in the diary tomorrow (so far) but he has not given final confirmation, so , we will see what develops.


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