11 Jan 2013

Friday Jan 11th

I pleasured sexy "Mr.O" today.

Looking at old email it is actually SIX YEARS since i first met this man ! It has taken him 6yrs to visit me again ! LOL
Am i that bad ? LOL

i did not ask "Mr.O" why it has taken him six years , it is none of my business.
All i will say is that i DO KNOW that everyone's life changes. Maybe guys get in to relationships , maybe guys go off tgirls, maybe guys get married and feel the need to be faithful ?
It is not really for me to know the reasons. All i know is i am happy and honored that guys know that i am HERE TO SERVE them , however long it may take for them to return.

"Mr.O" is a VERY tall (maybe 6ft 2" ? ) French Black Man. He is fit and arrives on his racing bycicle.
He has the most handsome face and sexy body. His cock is delicious and his mind is filthy. He takes no time at all in putting me in my place. Verbalising what a filthy cock sucking whore i am as he barks out his orders on how i am to pleasure him best , throughout his visit.

His arse was funky , from sweating whilst he was cycling and he was soon sitting on my bespoke rim seat as i had my orders to clean and stimulate his ass hole.

His fantastic visit ended with me sucking him ALMOST to completion , before he grabbed his cock , pushed me to the floor and cum all over my face (see pic below).

i am looking forward to his next visit. I do just hope i do not have to wait another 6yrs !!!


  1. Loving seeing you treated as a whore ending with a mouth full off cum. You are such a good slut.