16 Jan 2013

3 men pleasured today

Today i served 3 black men.

The first was "Mr Brazil" whom i blogged about on 26th October 2012.
Here is a report about his sexy , handsome man
It was wonderful to serve him , it is ALWAYS a joy and a pleasure.
Here is a pic from today

My second visitor today was a young black man who wrote to me weeks ago on fabswingers.
Today he must have been extra horny as he contacted me and drove quite a huge distance to get to me.
He had NEVER been pleasured by a tgirl before and so it was an honour that he chose me.
He stipulated that he must wear a condom when i suck him ( i am happy to obey any demands of a black man ! ). So , i chose a banana flavoured one.
These people who make flavoured condoms may i ask why can't you just make COCK flavoured condoms ?
Anyway , this black lad , as you can see , had a nice long , hard as rock cock.
He did not want me to do much , just suck. Within 5 minutes he wanted to cum and so he whipped off the condom and spunked GALLONS of cum over my face. Look at all that cum in the picture :-)

My third visitor today was a "NASTY" man , whom i have been seeing for a while now.
I hate this man . Why ? Because i am SO ADDICTED to him , his nasty ways and his GORGEOUS cock that i don't get to see enough of him !!!
I call him "Mr.Sleaze". Here is a previous write up i made of him.......

Today , he pushed me to the floor as soon as i opened the door. He then went in to the toilet and i had to crawl over and rim his arse as he pissed.
i was then ordered to crawl to the living room where i proceeded to blow him as he called me filthy names. He shot his load , ordered me to stay put , on the floor, and he proceeded to march out of the house.
So , he just turned up to use me then leave.... he is such a nasty , WONDERFUL man. i CRAVE that he will use me more frequently.

Here is a picture from one of his previous visits as he did not take any today.

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  1. Hi, I'm a white sissy that would love to pay you to be your maid, interested??