26 Jan 2013

Friday Jan 25th - 3 guys

3 dark men received my free pleasure today.

Guy 1

i first met "Mr.Forcer" once 5yrs ago and only pleasured him again today ! He lives quite a distance from me you see but when he found that he was working just a mile from me he REMEMBERED that there was a cock slut close-by that he could call upon.
THAT is such a compliment in itself. 5yrs later a man remembers that there is an eager cock whore who will do whatever he pleases !

You won't be able to tell in the pictures that he is a handsome , built , 6ft 4" tall man. His stature is impressive. You would NEED a big cock to be in proportion to his stats and he certainly does. Again , you can't tell in the pictures but his gorgeous meat is 10 inches and thick.
Here is a Bull that all other men could easily hate , he has a big , powerful body and a dick that puts most to shame.

Now , you will have read from me time and time before that to me cock size is NOT important , i don't care if a black mans' cock is 6 inches or 16 inches, i am not a size queen BUT , i have to admit, feeling that amount of meat in my hands and mouth is always an extraodinary pleasure.

I spent a long time sucking his cock and he shot his load as i presented my ass hole to him to finger.

i totally understand if it is another 5yrs before i get to pleasure him again BUT i certainly hope it won't be that long.

Guy 2

"Mr.Hairy Indian" saw a picture of me on the internet that had my email address stamped on it. He contacted me as he had PAID tgirl escorts in the past and , like every man , why pay for something when you can get it for free ?
i don't doubt that the tgirl escorts he has met before are stunning but , with me , at least he KNEW that i was IN to him and not his wallet.
And what a big surprise (for me) he turned out to be.

For those of you who have read a lot about me you will already know that besides black men , i am attracted to the unusual.

Some of those attractions can be hyper masculine men who dress in stockings and suspenders (I find Alex Reid sexy for example - a cagefighter who loves lingerie and heels). i like super muscled men, big big big bodybuilders (even white ones) and i like hairy men. Not just "normal" hairy , but men who have hair all over them and are like apes. If i see a mans ass covered in hair , then this sends me wild. i love , love , love it.

So when "Mr Hairy Indian" dropped his trousers and i saw THE MOST HAIRY ASS i have ever seen , then i was jumping with excitement. His ass is sensational (for me).

i sucked his dark dick and then introduced him to rimmimg. He was unsure and tentative BUT , as i always say to a guy "we can just do it for 10 seconds , if you don't like it , we can just stop". Well , there was NO stopping him and i KNEW there would not be . He LOVED the sensation of me tongue'ing and teasing the thousands of nerve endings around his ass hole. It was not long before he was shooting his load in my mouth.

We took a break and then , when he was ready , i was pushed to my knees again to suck him some more.
He took me to the bedroom and the he fucked me in the ass. He could not believe the sensation of me gripping his cock and giving it gentle but firm tugs with my ass muscles. He enjoyed his time fucking me and then cumming in my ass.

I CAN'T WAIT to pleasure him agai but next time , i want more of his ass :-)

***** WARNING ****
If hairy male arses are not your thing , you might find it best not to click on the picture of the hairiest arse i have ever seen. For me though , it is heaven.

Guy 3

i have been serving "Mr.D" for over three years now.
There is a theme going on here as he also lives miles away but has my number saved for whenever he is in my area. He knows that he has a slut here who will serve without question.
It is also a pleasure serving this Black Bear. He is a hairy black man - very rare, so naturally , i am REALLY attracted to him.
i sucked him , he face fucked me then bent me over to fuck me in the ass.

Yet another arse pic coming up - this time a black mans arse who i enjoy rimming (He LOVES it too!)

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