26 Jan 2013

Wed 23rd Jan - 2 men

I pleasured TWO men today.

Guy 1
"Mr Beef" i have been pleasuring for year. He is big , bear of a man who is fit as he does a lot of running , snowboarding etc....i see him two or three times per month and he comes to our dark thrust parties.
It is ALWAYS a pleasure to serve him. His thick cock is the perfect size for me and i always enjoy spending so much time sucking it before he always finishes off by fucking me in the ass.

Guy 2

"Mr.G" i have known for 4yrs now , yet , i have only pleasured him once per year.
The reason is because he lives in Brussels.
The thing is , this guy has got the message. He knows that when he visits London that there is a slut who will worship his cock who is just at the end of a phone line.
He text me on his visit and within 30 minutes i was on my knees infront of him , delivering the goods.
His big cock is an absolute dream to pleasure... and boy did i suck it and work it.... for over an hour. He LOVES to have his dick pleasured as he sits back and makes a slut get on with it.


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