30 Jan 2013

Guy 2 - today - "Mr. K"

"Mr. K" contacted me through a trans dating website a couple of days ago. He has had tgirls pleasure him MANY years a go in a sleazy sex club in E.london. He took a long break and has recently "got the urge" again.
i do not know his age, i guess somewhere in his 20's , more "boy" than "man".
He had a lovely , powerful "bull" built body frame though and a DELICIOUSLY thick 7inch cock.
i sucked him , introduced him to rimming and he fucked me wildly in the ass.


  1. If quality is always better than quantity, and Tiffany is not a size Queen when it comes to dark cock, it could be serious fun, to know how much gallons of cum this cumwhore swallowed in 2012, and since the beginning of 2013 ? Any objective for 2013 ? :-)

  2. It would be nice to have a few pics of her legendary dark lust parties not face pics of the guys but pics of white sluts serving nigger dick