29 Nov 2012


"Mr. Sleaze" visited me again today. You first saw him on this blog on October 9th 2012.
He is a nasty (in the best possible way), sexy, assertive , balck man.
He always knows what he wants and he knows how to get it.

As soon as i opened the door i was told to get on my knees and not to speak. He teased me with his cock, bitch slapping my face with it before ramming it down my throat. He asked me questions as he rammed deeper and i was ordered to answer. This had the effect of opening my throat more and making me gag on his cock as my muffled replies were produced.

As he took a piss in the bathroom i was ordered to remain silent, kneeling on the floor , where he had left me. i could hear his horse piss hitting the porcelain and could not helped thinking "one day maybe i will be lucky enough for him to use my mouth as his toilet".

When he returned he ordered me to apply more red lipstick , to replace that which had come off when he had been throat fucking me.

He took me to the living room where he teased me more with his powerful cock, grabbed me tightly by the hair, rammed my head up and down on his cock as he throat fucked me more.
i was only allowed to speak when spoken too.

He laid back on the sofa , spread his funky ass cheeks and ordered me to get to work , cleaning his arse hole.
i could taste the bittersweet taste of his skid marks on my tongue as i made a great effort to get him clean.

He enjoyed my cleaning and rimming of his arse , so much so that it was just another couple of strokes with my mouth on his cock when he shot his load in my mouth.

i do SO LOVE his visits and it would be wonderful for him to visit me more frequently, as i can see he has a nasty mind and so , who knows where his limits of debauchery will lead to in his use of me ?

Below are pictures of me serving him and then a picture when he had just cum , with his cum dribbling out of my mouth.

My SECOND visitor today was a young , black, African boy who lives just half a mile from me.
We connected on the site fabswingers and he has used a couple of tgirls before.
He had thoroughly read my blog and he wanted to experience the joys of sitting on my rim seat with his arse hole on my tongue.

It was my honour to rim him (he loved it) and afterwards to suck on his wonderful black cock to completion.

No pictures were taken as he preferred it that way.

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