27 Nov 2012

Pleasured 3 men today

Today , i pleasured 3 dark , horny men.

The FIRST was "Mr.Eritrea". Smouldering good looks that you get with Nubian men.
This man was NASTY - in the best possible way. It was evident that he knew a slut when he saw one and was going to use me hard for his nasty desires.
It was his first time with a tgirl and he used me like a piece of meat. He throat fucked me then wasted no time in getting me to clean and chew on his funky arse hole . He wanted to put me in my place . let me know who was Boss and he certainly did.
He used me like a whore , cum , then left... just as it should be.
I do hope he returns soon though :-)

My SECOND a handsome Indian man i met for the first time just 2hrs before hand on the website , fabswingers. He saw me on there and realised that he had a slut here who could take care of his needs.
He has the most handsome face, lovely dark cock and one of the most chewable arse holes i have had in a long time .
So , within 2 hours or so of first connecting, i was soon on my knees pleasuring his cock and introducing him to my rimming box.

The THIRD man who visited me I have actually been pleasuring for over 3yrs. I see him just once or twice a year though as he is one of them men who drop in to my life just occasionally.
I can only imagine he was very horny today and though " I need someone to take care of this dick" and so he thought of me.

This African man has a HUGE cock. It must be 9inches , maybe 10inches. Perhaps you can work out in the pictures below that it is as long as my face !

It is a good job he visited me at the end of the day because his huge cock stretched my little white hole so much that any man wanting to enter it , after him  ,would have just fallen down a gaping hole !

He is ALWAYS a pleasure to serve.

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  1. Bloody marvellous good seing a white slut serve black men it makes up for the years of slavery good work