24 Nov 2013

Week ending November 23rd 2013

Been a quieter week for me serving cock this week , so not an awful lot to report.

On Thursday 21st November i was visited by a lad i will call "MrO".
Mr.O is a 25yr old black lad who has been reading my blog for many months and has only just plucked up the courage to visit me.
i have written at length before ( just click on the tag in the right hand column "first time with a tgirl" to read those writings) about men needing time to process their desire to be served by a tgirl. They have some conflict in their mind before they reach that point where the logic in themselves says "lets just do it".
So this handsome , hairy black boy arrived at my apartment.
He has a lovely , juicy dark cock.

i sucked him and asked him if he wanted to be rimmed. He said that he had never tried it before. i have also written AT LENGTH about my amazement that many men and boys cn reach the age of 21 . 31 , 51 or even 51 and have NEVER yet experienced the INCREDIBLE sensation of having a sub lick and lap up your ass hole. This erogenous zone , full of stimulating nerve endings should be given just as much priority as your dick !
Well , when i rimmed this young man he was amazed and blown away by the feelings and sensation ( as are 9 out of 10 men). His dick got stronger and harder.

It is always a pleasure for me to rim a guy as i know that it is something that he will rarely experience. I mean , go up to your girlfriend or wife right now and say " i am horny and i want you to lick my arse hole, make me cum". i think you might get a slap across the face , don't you ? In the eyes of some women , it might even be grounds for divorce !

Well , besides the rimming this young man enjoyed an entire hour of me sucking , slurping , drooling and gagging on his cock.

On Friday November 22nd i was visited by a man whom i will call "Mr.Bull".
"Bull" is term of endearment for a man who is muscled and strong, like a bull, if you like.

"MrBULL" is a powerhouse of a man. Muscled, strong , seriously sexy and hyper masculine. JUST the type i like :-)

We connected on a site called Adultfriendfinder.
He had NEVER met a tgirl before but was mature enough to see that " here is a slut who will pleasure my cock , no strings, she loves doing it , she looks OK , so , why not ? It is not every day that a slut will just drop to her knees , get to work and do what she is told. "

He has the perfect sized cock , about 7inches and it was a dream to suck . As was rimming his juicy arse hole , as he did not need asking twice ! He loved it , naturally.

I suspect all of this was a slow build up to his REAL goal , which was to fuck me in the ass. He told me that he had attempted to fuck women in the ass on a few occasions in the past , but they had always been too tight , or they complained "stop , it is hurting".

So , we moved to the bedroom and Mr.Bull really showed his true colours , that he is an ass man, by fucking me in all sorts of positions. God , his dick felt so good.  i loved his dick , he LOVED MY ASS - a match made in heaven. He was not fast about it either , he fucked me in all sorts of positions for a long time - making the most of this submissive , compliant ass before him. He was enjoying every stroke of my sphincter tightening on and milking his cock. Soon , he was shooting his load inside me - he had seeded this ass ( with a condom) and had now , RIGHTLY , claimed it as his property.

He left elated and content that he had finally found his anal slut and he has indicated that he wants to visit me often. And why shouldn't a man visit his property whenever he likes ?

i am looking forward to EVERY visit of his. He is super sexy and magnificent.

 On Saturday November 23rd , i attended the "Noir Party" in Sutton. I volunteer there as a "hostess".
It is a swingers party for Black Men and White Women ( all females). I am the only tgirl there.

I worked there from 9pm until 4am where 150 people enjoyed hours of debauchery. It is incredible to voyeur white , female sluts being pounded by magnificent black bulls. Part of my duties is to clean up after them , naturally taking joy in collecting dozens of condoms full of Black Seed.

The party even has a fully equipped dungeon where i witnessed female , white sub sluts being tied , bound , spanked and fucked by strong black bulls. Wonderful to watch and naturally i wished that i was in their place , tied , helpless just to be used and fucked , over and over again by dozens of Black Bulls.

Roll on the next party in 2014.



  1. Am I the only one finding your blog is lacking the appeal it had before summer : where is the cum swallowing whore, her face and tongue covered in cum, where are the numerous cocks up your pussy-ass, the videos of cunt pounded by magnificient bulls... where is the Queen of the T-bitches gone... getting boring, cunt ? always the same text, pics are far less appealing and of your grade. Come on bitch get back with yourself and your role !

  2. Regrettably , i have no control over how a man wishes to be pleasured and how he wishes to use me. i also have no control over whether he wishes to take pictures of my service to him. i ALWAYS mention to a Male that pictures would be nice , to share on my blog. I mention this within the first 5 minutes of his arrival. It is up to HIM whether pictures get taken or not. At the end of the day, my servitude to Dark men has little to do with pictures or this blog. What is most important is that i serve them in a way that THEY wish , to the best of my ability.
    Lets hope, for your sake, and others with the same feelings , that my male visitors and potential visitors will read you words and decide that they will use me more thoroughly and take pictures of my servitude and debauchery , in order for you to enjoy them as you used to.
    Kisses, Tiffany xxxx

  3. What do you do with the condoms full of black seed?