20 Dec 2013

Week ending December 21st 2013....

On Wednesday 18th December i went to a tgirl and admirer sex club in Kings Cross , London called Sweetwednesday ( http://sweetwednesday.co.uk )

This fab venue has 3 levels.
The basement has a bar and sex club (play area)
The ground floor has a public bar
The top floor has changing facilities for tgirls and a roof garden .

Upon my arrival at 3pm , the basement play area must have had about 25 trans sluts and 35 slut users in attendance. I was faced with sights of tgirls on all fours on beds with their asses in the air and their mouths open. Cocks were cumming at them in all directions , they were face fucked and anal fucked and the spitroasting just went on and on with the next "stranger" taking the place of the last. It is an AMAZING site to see. Well worth the £20 admission fee. It is like being in the centre of a porn movie !!! This type of action goes on all day long ( from 1pm till 10pm) and over 200 people entered during the day.

I COULD have been fucked by over 100 men BUT you know i just go for Dark guys.
So , my day started with a hunky , chunky black man who took me in to a corner and fed me his cock. He was divine and so was his cock. He now has my number and so , hopefully , he will be visiting me at home where i can show him a real , good time.

My second encounter was with a short ( about 5ft 6") Arab man , who can only be described as skinny. He reminded me of the dark Arabs I meet on my travels to the Middle East. I was not expecting much , but , when he got his dark cock out for me to serve it was MASSSIVE. It must have been 9 or 10 inches and it was thick too. It looked even bigger because he was just a slip of a man and he had this giant cock. He was all out of proportion - in a good way though ! I tried to suck him but will admit that i could not manage much of his cock in my mouth as it was so fat and long. After a while , he bent me over a beer barrel and fucked me in the ass. More cocks were presented to my mouth , at the same time , but i declined them , as they were white.

My third encounter was with an Indian lad whom i have seen many times before. This handsome man was so horny today that he had checked my online diary , to see if i was free for him to visit me at home. He could see i was not but that i had put in my diary that i was going to Sweetwednesday. So , it was a LOVELY surprise to see him there and have him tell me that he was only there to see me !¬ What a compliment ! Naturally , i dropped to my knees in the dark room and sucked and sucked and sucked him. It was his first ever time in a place like that and he was "finding his legs". He did not cum because i explained to him that , whilst i was enjoying being his bitch ( as always) that he was free to sample ANY of the other tgirls that were there . So , we agreed that he need not cum and after 10/15 minutes of pleasuring him , we decided to move on. I can tell you that he had a FANTASTIC afternoon. He got pleasured by LOTS of tgirls and even a sexy , young, blonde gender FEMALE. Yes , sometimes females go to that club too ( not often , but sometimes). Everyone fucks everyone in that place , it is a real house of debauchery.

My final encounter ( my fourth) was a sexy , handsome , tiny ( about 5ft 2") Indian man who is married and lives in Central London. He had his eye on me all day long and i knew it :-)
Being so sweet looking and short in stature , i was not expecting much , when he took me to a dark corner and put me on my knees. However , he face fucked me like an expert with no mercy. He held my face firmly and fucked it hard. He simply took control , saw me as a piece of meat and used me for his dirty desires. It was bliss. After he had cum down my throat we chatted in the social area. Turns out he has desires for bondage and kink and would love nothing more than tying a girl down and simply using her as a sex object. I did not mention that i have a kinky playroom with all the equipment he needs in my apartment, or that i will allow him to use me like that. i will leave this as a surprise for when he visits me :-)

On Thursday December 20th  my first visitor is a yong man who first visited me in January 2013.
You can read about that visit here : http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/yesterday.html
"Mr.K" is a handsome , mid twenties Black man who had his first tgirl experience in January 2013. THAT experience was with me ! It is his THIRD visit to me , this year.... which is a tribute to me that , when men visit to me , almost all of them want to come back for more. And why not ? They know my apartment is a no-strings "drop-in" where they can get their dick pleasured.

"I want you to wear pure black stockings with black French knickers and a black bra with red heels and red lipstick!
Can you have some hardcore transsexual porn as I come In please! Also I may be a little early ;)
Also can you have a selection of toys ready please and possibly some bondage stuff "

That is what he wrote to me in his email and , naturally , i complied.
He took no time in stripping and getting my lips on his big , thick , black cock. He paused and then tied my wrists firmly behind my back. He stood up and aggressively face fucked me. In between face fucking me , he grabbed a big , black dildo and face fucked me with that to. He then fucked pushed his cock in to my mouth , alongside the dildo and so my mouth was completely stuffed to bursting with black cock.
In the pictures below , they are taken by him looking down at me , with my arms tied behind my back , unable to stop the onslaught of his big didk , raping my throat.
When he cum , he shot all over my face.


My second visitor was a young Indian Asian lad. He had come thru contacting my dogging Master on facebook. My dogging Master decided that , since he had a dark dick , that i should pleasure this guy in private.
He has SUCH a handsome face and  a lovely hairy body.
I sucked his juice dark cock and i introduced him to getting his arse hole rimmed . He loved it .

My third visitor booked for today STOOD ME UP . The bugger even had the cheek to text me a few hours before to confirm that I was still going to meet him !
Not only is this inconsiderate and annoying BUT i had TWO OTHER guys text me today , to see if i could fit them in and i had to tell them no. So , this guy who stood me up ALSO disserviced his brothas who could have received pleasure from me today.

On Friday December 20th , I visted Candygirls trans and admirers club in Sunbury On Thames

i arrived around 11pm and the parking lot was full , had to drive around the area just looking for a space.
Inside , around 200 tgirls and admirers present. I would say about 160 tgirls and 40 admirers , as well as three or four gender females.

This VAST sex club is on two levels. Upstairs is the bar and social area , with three private playroom bedrooms  on the side walls.
Downstairs there is a DJ and dancefloor. Next to that are 3 darkroom (play spaces) and a huge dungeon play area with BDSM equipment. Through that is a door to an outside patio/smoking area.
The place is bright, clean  and smart.

A lot of the tgirls who go here , go to socialise only , they see it as just a place to dress and chat etc..
I am guessing only about 30 percent of the tgirls are there to "play" and worship cock. Many of the tgirls are only in to other tgirls too ! LOL

I guess , for the 40 male admirers there were also about 50 who were "up for it".

i am happy to say that i was quite a hit at the venue, as i was dolled up to the nines and looking sexy and fuckable. Almost EVERY man in the building tried it on with me , at some point.
My choices were limited though , as there were only 4 black men in the venue. (I pleasured 3 of them , the fourth was too fat)

My first black guy was very short , had a cherubic face. I sucked him in a darkroom but he did not cum as he was pacing himself for the evening.

My second black guy was a fit , handsome , muscular , sexy shaven headed New Yorker. He was in the dark room playing with another tgirl when he saw me and immediately "dumped" her ! LOL
He came over and immediately put his 8 inch dark cock to my lips.
Naturally , i opened wide and started sucking. In the dark , we were joined by another guy ( guy 3) who also had his cock out next to my face. The black guy who i was sucking asked me if i wanted guy 3's cock too. As it was so dark in there, i had not seen the other guys face. I had to ask the guy who i was sucking , if he was white or black ? He told me , the guy was black. So , i immediately took the other guys cock in my mouth. I was now on my knees pleasuring two black cocks , one after the other , with my mouth. At times , they BOTH forced there dark cocks in to my aching jaw.

Black guy, guy 3 ,  soon shot his load in to my mouth. He then left.

I went back to working on Black guy , guy 2. As it was a bit cramped in there he told me to get up and that he was taking me to a private room. In the room he stripped off completely. I removed my panties so he had unobstructed access to my ass. I continued sucking him and then started to lick his balls. Whilst on the floor , beneath his balls i let my tongue wander down the area between his balls and his arse hole . He was loving the sensation. With a swift move i then lunged lower and got my tongue on his arse hole. Picture it , i am now on my knees as he is standing , i am between his but cheeks with my lips and i am lapping at his funky arse hole. The guy was in ecstacy.

He pulled me up , grabbed a condom and pushed me on all fours on the bed. We had no lube so he just gobbed some spit on my ass , positioned his cock at my hole and then rammed home. He fucked me hard for just a few minutes before he could not take any more excitement and he shot his load up my arse.

We left , cleaned up and had a chat. Turns out he is from New York and visits London once a month for work. I gave him my number and he has promised to visit me , in my home , on a future date.
He left in the full knowledge that he has a convenient slut , whom he can use on every visit of his to London.

After a 15 minute break i returned to the play area.
The black guy , guy 3 was mooching around again. He saw me and took me to a private room.
I sucked him again whilst he was on his back. I asked him to raise his legs and my tongue went straight to his arse hole. I rimmed him and as i was rimming him he shot his second load all over the bed. Bliss.

So , that was my night at Candygirls.

IF you are a male admirer ( white or Black) of tgirl sluts , then i can recommend this venue to you as there are always twice as many "playing" tgirls as men - so , guys , you will be spoilt for choice and there will be plenty of holes for you to invade.  Entry was around £10/ £15 and you take your own alcohol along. So , a cheap night out and willing holes - what more can a guy want. It is an "anonymous" place too , set on an industrial estate , so it is very discreet.   


  1. Tiffany, what is wrong with you whore ? I don't understand why there is no more pictures of you knees down, a BBC close to or on your face, with your mouth and tongue full of his cum and the next picture with your satisfied face as you have gulped his load down. It makes you look so good and complete to have served this bull like a cum-loving tart. what is the problem with you ? best, and keep the momemtum and don't loose that hornyness to serve and expose yourself as a free whore to dark men.
    Next, when will the time come where you will show yourself sucking a dark real-horse cock, cupping his huge ball and swallowing his huge load in a stall ? I know you are made for this and will enjoy it. What are our black brothers doing in the UK to promote that with you ? be a good girl. Keep the momentum and increase pace as a superb whore.

  2. Well , as i have said before , what pictures get taken when a guy is with me is UP TO HIM ! A guys visit is NOT about pictures , it is about serving him in ways in which he desires. It is ALL about him , not me.

    No man in London (white or black) has steered me to horse or dog cock yet.
    Tiffany xxxx

  3. Thanks for the super-interesting post, Tiffany: may 2014 be chock full of choc-cocks for you! x Melody