2 Dec 2013

Week ending Nov 30th 2013

WHAT an adventurous week !!!

i will start with Wednesday 27th November.
i visited http://www.transformedtoperfection.com/ in Rochester, Kent for a photo shoot.
The gentleman photographer was professional , creative and overall ... AMAZING !
His rates are REALLY competitive too.

He is VERY experienced in the photography and fetish scene and is very open minded.
If YOU require just regular poses or IF you want photographs of yourself in kinky gear, or nude , or doing kinky things OR maybe you want to take a partner too and do duo shots - then i recommend him HIGHLY. He is hyper confidential.
Here is just one of the pictures that he made for me....

On Thursday November 28th , I served 2 men.
The first was a regular visitor of mine , "Mr.Beefy", a big muscle bull of a black man. I wont write a report about him here  , as i have blogged him so many times in the past.

My second visitor was "yungblack". He is an experienced young , admirer of tgirls. He has been on my radar and me on his for several years , i think. He certainly looked familiar in the pictures that he sent me. Don't know why it has taken us so long to get it together though.
He is young , fit , virile and sexy. He has lips to die for ! His bubble butt is exceptional too :-)
What a joy it was to suck his delicious cock before he sealed me in the rimming box and got me to work my tongue on his ass hole. He took me to the bedroom where he fucked me in the ass in all sorts of positions. He now wants to come to my private (free) parties where i have , on average , 6 tgirl mouthes and arses lined up for invading by black men.

Can't wait to pleasure him again :-)

On Friday November 29th , I served 4 men.

My first visitor was  "Black Daddy from N.London" whom i blogged about in full here :

It is the FIFTH time that he has visited me for pleasure , since i first met him just 6 weeks ago. This man knows that he has found a good , compliant , selfless slut and i always look forward to his visits.

My second visitor "Boy Texas". This mid-20's black lad hails from Texas and he is in London for a year. He has met a few tgirls in the past.
His cock grew to an impressive 8 inches as i sucked it in to life. 
We moved to the rimming seat and he lowered his bubble butt on to my tongue. I took great pleasure in to rimming his arse. The only problem was , he found it SO exciting and pleasurable that he very quickly shot his load all over my tits ! i am so PLEASED that he found it so pleasurable but i just wished that i could have rimmed and sucked him more , as he was so delicious.
Ahh well , there is always the next time :-) !

My third visitor was "Mr.19yr old". 
I had connected with this young 19yr old black lad just a few hours beforehand on a dating site called OKCupid. 
Visiting a tgirl was a completely new experience for him and , in the many messages that we exchanged  , he had often said that he "could not quite believe that this was real , free and there was no-catch". Sometimes it takes some people a long time to accept the fact that i am just a sex slave to Black men and boys.
He arrived and he freaked me out as he was looking a bit panic'ed. I imagine he must have been thinking that something bad may happen to him. Gosh , i just SO WISH he had fully read my blog before he arrived , so he could have assured himself that i was real and genuine and that nothing but pleasure existed for him here.
So , he visit was full of paranoia really. He refused to fully step in to the room and wanted to place himself in clear line of the exit door !!! He just got his cock out and i was told to suck. 
After just 30 seconds he told me to stop ( i think he was about to cum).
He told me he wanted to fuck me , so i grabbed a condom , lubed my ass and got on all fours on the couch. He actually took his trousers off at this point , which was encouraging , and then he fucked me hard in the ass. He had never fucked ass before and he found it all so mind blowing that he quickly came.
We had a chat afterwards where i tried to re-asure him that he needn't have been so paranoid , however , i do understand where it might have cam in.

I DO HOPE that he visits me again , but this time feels more relaxed and maybe i will get to pleasure him for longer and give him more than one orgasm.

As you can imagine , we did not take any pictures - so there are none here to post. 

My fourth visitor today is a man whom i have been pleasuring for 3yrs ! "Mr.D" is a compact , hairy , bear of a man.
I wrote a report of him on this page :
http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/friday-jan-25th-3-guys.html and so i wont write another here. He is the last person on that page.
Lets just say , he left here happy after a good sucking and a good rimming :-) !

On Saturday November 30th i pleasured 2 men.

The first visitor was here for several hours.
He is a no-nonsense , BDSM Master from Portsmouth. He travelled all the way here to use me.
I was made to suck his dick ,literally , for hours. He loves the sight of a submissive , reduced to become a machine , just a suck machine and cock milker as he gets high on poppers and feels my lips tight on his dick.
He took me to my playroom and shackled me to my bench , ass in the air , so that i could not move. He took a condom and fucked me hard in the ass.
Next he took a giant dildo and began fucking and stretching my hole with it. He only did this for a short time as he took a latex glove and applied crisco , thick lube to it.
He then allowed me a hit of poppers and he rammed his hand up my arse. He buried his hand inside me. I barely had time to catch my breath when he removed his hand and curled it up in to a fist. He then fisted my ass - straight in. He then "punch fucked" me with his fist. Imagine a boxer , punching a punching bag in the gym . Well ,e did this to me , except the punching bag was my ass hole and he punched right inside it , removed it , then punched again. This was done fast and furiously.
He LOVED destroying my hole.
After a while he took a HUGE butt plug , as wide as an orange and he stuffed it up my arse.
He led me on collar and chain back to the living room , pushed my to my knees and told me to get to work on his dick again.
I was sucking him , trying to concentrate whilst all the time this huge plug was in my ass , giving me huge discomfort. He was happy - he told me that he wanted me to suffer for him and he took great pleasure in it.
In pain and discomfort , with my mouth working like a piston on his dick , he shot his load down my throat. 

On future visits , he has told me he wants to develop my fist/punch fucking further and also to train me as his personal human toilet, accepting ALL of his body wastes.

My second visitor was , fortunately , much later in the day - as i need a long time to recover from my last visitor.
i have met this young man "Mr.Ice" before and you can read a report about him here:
Today, i sucked , i rimmed he came !

This blog will probably NOT be updated until December 16th , as i have visitors staying with me and i wont be pleasuring until at least Thu Dec 12th.


  1. Looking very sexy in you new photo are there any more ? Xxx

  2. Thank You for the compliment Sim B. Yes , there will be more as the photographer took over 300 pictures !!! I am waiting for him to send me them , but , he is busy with other client work too. Might be a while. I will post a couple more here when i get them , but , most will go on my personal website www.bitch4black.com

  3. I can't wait to see more of your new pics:)