8 Nov 2013

Week ending 9th November

On Thursday Nov 7th i served two men.

My first visitor was "asianboy" , whom i first wrote about last month , here :


So , i wont write much again here , just to say i sucked and rimmed him and he fucked me in all sorts of positions. He is SUCH a sexy , hairy , Indian lad and i look forward to his future visits.

My second visitor was a young , black lad whom i shall call "D"
He came to me thru the website "fabswingers". He said he had met ONE tgirl before. She was a Brazilian shemale and he paid £70 for 30 minutes with her !

Well , i serve black boys for free , with no time limit ! So , i let "D" avail himself of my compliance.

His cock was not long BUT it was T-H-I-C-K ! One of the thickest cocks that i come accross and it filled my mouth to capacity. In no time at all was i drooling and gagging on his thickness as he stretched and ached my jaw.
He did not want to be rimmed , he did not want to fuck me. All he wanted was a THROAT and i was happy to provide it .
He came , he used , he left - what more can a man need :-)

The picture does not quite convey the thickness of his cock , but , here it is anyway ......

On Friday 8th November i served 3 men.

The first visitor , i shall call "Mr. mini fist".
This dark gentleman came to me thru a site called fabswingers. He said he wanted to use me and fist my ass.
He arrived in a very sharp suit (due to his profession) and soon had me on my knees. I sucked his cock and rimmed him and then led him to my playroom. He laid me in my sling and secured my legs apart. Next he took latex gloves , put them on and covered them in thick lube.
As my hole was presented to him , he began to invade and stretch it . Soon , he was pushing past the sphincter until his entire fist was buried in my ass . His cock was also jabbing at my hole. I sked him if he wanted to get his cock in there , beside his fist and to wank himself off inside my hole ! He said yes , so i took a condom and covered his dick. He was trying to get his dick in but , for some reason unknown to me , he took his fist out and rammed his dick in. He fucked me for 20 seconds and then cum inside me . All this ass play must have gotten him so hot and horny that he just wanted to cum ! Naturally , it was all rather wonderful BUT i just wish the ass play and fisting could have gone on forever !

No pictures i am afraid - the dark men requested that i not take any .

My second visitor i shall call "The Indian Bodybuilder".
This mid 20 something man has actually been meaning to meet me for the past 5 years !!!
He is one of the few who "fight the demons in their head" about whether they should use a tgirl or not. It all has a everything to do with upbringing. The "norms" and ideals that other people and peers put upon others to shape their lives. Some guys just take time to work it out in their head that they need to meet a tgirl and sometimes it takes a long time.

Rest assured , however long it takes a man , i am ALWAYS here to take care of their needs.

I would say he is in his mid to late 20's and he is a gym fitness instructor from E.London.
He has the MOST AMAZING body with a solid, ripped six pack.
His dlicious dark cock was so tasty and juicy and he just LOVED being rimmed.
What a sensational young man , i do hope he visits me often :-)

My third visitor i shall call "Mr.Sensational" !
This young , Black African boy had contacted me earlier in the day on a website called dogging.co.uk
He had told me he had been with a Cross Dresser before , but not a transvestite.

This is a lesson to you guys that sometimes you can contact me at lunchtime and i will be before you , on my knees by dinner time !

Our meeting started as normal. I sucked his delicious , 9 inch dark cock which was always constantly rock hard for the entire time that he was with me .
I introduced him to my rimming seat and rimmed his arse hole which he absolutely loved.

You KNOW that i am always trying to serve men in ways which they desire and to "bring out" and secret desires in them.
Well , when i was in the rimming box, rimming his arse , he started fingering my hole . The thing is , he was not simply fingering it but he was trying to stuff and stretch it with as many fingers as he could . This set off a bell in my head that "i have an anal fixated boy here". So , i asked him if he would like to explore my hole further , whether he had any interest in fisting me ? He said he would like to try that.
So , first , we went in to the bedroom where he started opening me up and fucking me with his big , 9 inch tool.
I will admit it was a little too large for me and i had to ask him to "back off " and just give me the first 7 inches of it . He was very considerate and did just that.
He enjoyed my hole very much , he especially liked it when i clamped down tight on his dick with my sphincter to give him a better ride.

After a while , i took him in to my playroom and i got on my back , in the sling and he tied my legs wide apart. I showed him the gloves and the thick Crisco lube and instructed him on how to go about fisting . You see , the arse is quite delicate and fisting is not about being aggressive , it is more like massage. You need to finger and stretch a hole and then go in deeper over time.
As i had been fisted earlier in the day by "Mr. Mini Fist" (who had small hands) i was already somewhat "open". "Mr.Sensational" had larger fists though and so it took a little time to open me right up. This was not a problem though as part of "getting there" is the sheer pleasure of playing with and stretching an ass .

After about 10/15 minuets and several hits of poppers , his hand slipped over his knuckles and wrist and his entire hand was up my ass hole . He was blown away and i was SO FULL and vulnerable as i was impaled , under his total control , on his hand.
He continued to play with my ass , thrusting his fist in and out of my hole . He loved seeing my Kunt lips spread and my hole gape as he manipulated and took pleasure from my sloppy hole.

 He withdrew his fist and inserted a large , black , rubber dildo inside my hole . Then , he took a condom and started fucking me . He was now double penetrating me with his big black cock and a big black dildo. He was loving it (and so was i )

He withdrew his cock and the dildo and came around to my face and started face fucking my mouth as he reached over and continued fingering my stretched hole.

After a while we moved back to the lounge , where i sucked him more and then , to bust his nut , he wanked his cock whilst i sucked his balls.

He shot loads of thick , creamy cum over his own body. There is a picture of it below.

All in all , he was here for over two hours and it was an unexpected , unplanned , SENSATIONAL visit.
BOTH of our minds were blown away and i am so looking forward to his next visit , if he chooses to visit me again :-)




  1. Would be great for you to be taken somewhere for a weekend where you could be used by as many black man as possible fisted fucked and covered in cum. This would be videoed and photos taken starting with you dressed perfect make up etc ending with you showing your stretched arse and face covered in cum some the dried cum from start of day proving you to be the total whore you are ;-)

  2. I could not agree with you more . So wish that could happen . Tiffany xxx