4 Nov 2013

Last weeks adventures

As i am now only serving 3 days per week - it seems logical to do a write - up at the end of that week.

On Thursday 31st October i was re-visited by "Black Daddy From N.London" whom you can read about on this page:

He has been eager to visit me again and i am really pleased that he did.
This time , he let me take a picture of his cock. I am afraid you can't really tell how big it is in the picture , but , i promise you it is VERY big and thick and tastes delicious. He also has the BIGGEST balls of ANY man whom i pleasure. His ballsack is the size of a grapefruit.
He is so yummy :-)

My second visitor on Thursday was a white guy , who had read my blog and wanted to pay me to avail himself of my services.
It is a new thing that i have been experimenting with. A LOT of white guys read my blog and in the past i have flatly refused to meet them .
However , when white guys started offering me money i thought , "why not , i can use the income to purchase more outfits and toys in order to serve Black men better".
Lets just say , he had a fab time and i introduced him to things that he had never tried before :-) It is always such a pleasure to stimulate men in ways in which they had never considered before and to see their reaction when they find it mind blowing :-)

On Friday 1st November My first visitor was "Mr.A".
I did a write-up of Mr.A's first visit about a year ago. You can see it here :


In the past year Mr.A has attended several of our Tgirl and Black men gangbangs - so , he is no stranger to me.
Here i am pleasuring his cock

My second visitor was "Mr.B" - a big , muscular Black Bull whom i have been serving for many years. He is one of my longest running visitors.

The third visitor was a young lad from N.W.London whom i will call "sissy J"

This sexy young black lad had emailed me telling me that he had never met a tgirl before. He said he was experimental and had many desires. He let it slip in correspondence that he was open to being dressed in lingerie.
Now , i find MASCULINE boys in lingerie to be really HOT !!! i find it super sexy, so , i jumped at that chance. i also discovered that he harboured thoughts about being fucked by a woman with a strap-on so i knew , when he visited , that i would be exploring HIS arse !!!

i was very friendly amd amiable when he arrived and put him at ease , by sucking him.
After a while though , the "mistress" in my raised its head and i dressed him in bra, panties , stockings and suspenders. His bubble butt looked AMAZING in the white lingerie set against his black skin.

I rimmed him and began exploring his arse hole with my fingers. He had NEVER had anything in there before. As he imagined and hoped , he found it mind blowing.
He was now my sissy submissive.

i sucked him , rimmed him , penetrated him with fingers and he fucked me in the ass , whilst he was sissified in lingerie.

When he left , he was left with clear instructions to purchase HIS OWN lingerie and wear it daily under his work clothes. This would re-inforce the fact that he was a sissy who is here to serve women and tgirls. I instructed him to purchase toys , in order to begin stretching his arse hole. The aim is that one day he will be FUCKED in the ass by shemales. 

It was a pleasure to put this black lad on his destined path as a life as a sissy.


 On Saturday i did not serve as something came up which took me away from London.

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  1. Excellent. Glad to see you're still doing what you love to do. Great pics, more vids of blow jobs and you taking their load would be a dream. Go on guys, let her record sucking your cocks.