22 Feb 2013

Served 4 Black Men Today

Guy 1

"Daddy" , i shall call him. I do not know how old big daddy is , perhaps late 40's or early 50's.
He is a big built African Man who has spent his life totally heterosexual. He is married , perhaps he has had children ? (i do not know , i did not ask) and if you were to see him in the street you would think he was your stereotypical family man.
He has a handsome face with a bald (shaven) head and a mass of silver hair on his chest. He has a GREAT physique for his age. He is perefect to be described as "Daddy" , just think Sean Connery but only black.
Recently Daddy has been curoious about tgirls but he tells me he has only met "ropey" crossdressers up until now. I am glad that he was very pleased with what he saw when i greeted him upon arrival.
Inside , i was lusting for him and was eager to taste daddy dick. He was soon stripped off and i was tasting his delicious uncut cock. i do LOVE a foreskin.
We had a total "girlfriend experience" and i introduced Daddy to rimming, first on the bed and then on my rimming stool.
Well , it blew his mind . i was excited for him but i was also sad that he had spent his entire life and had never experienced the joy of being rimmed.
Daddy and i spent a LONG time enjoying each-others bodies and , to cut this account short , he cum when he was fucking me in the arse.
What a delicious man , i do hope to be seeing more of him in the future.
Here i am worshiping Daddy's dick......

Guy 2

"Boy P" is a young Black African boy , i don't know how old , maybe 23/24/25 ?
i first connected with him about 10 months ago as he had seen a picture of me on a trans girl website.
This was his third visit to me.
Regrettably , he was 50 minutes late for his appointment which left him with only 30 minutes to be pleasured by me as i had other visitors coming after him.
His lithe , responsive, young body writhed under the touch of my tongue and mouth on his cock , his nipples and his ass hole.
He cum by wanking his cock (due to the time constraint) whilst i sucked on the tip.
Here i am worshipping his cock........

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