14 Dec 2013

Week ending 14th December 2013....

WHAT a busy week for a sex slave !

On Thursday 12th i served FOUR men.
The first was the welcome return of "Daddy" , whom i first pleasure in February. I wrote about him as "guy 1" here"
No ned then to write too much here , but , it was another sensational visit and Daddy does so love to cum when he is fucking me in the ass !
We did not take any pics - so here is Daddy's Dick from his last visit.

The second guy i will call "My sissy BBC". He had emailed me out of the blue , saying that he had come accross me on the internet.
I thought that it would be a usual kind of meeting BUT , in his emails to me he had stated that he thought it would be fun to try on my panties too.
So initially , i took it slowly , sucking this young mans delicious dark dick and rimming his bubble but. He is a masculine guy with a sexy body and handsome face. Before moving to the rimming seat , to rim him better , i produced the panties , stockings, suspenders and bra for him to try on.
You have maybe read before on my blog that I LOVE to see a masculine man in lingerie. I do not think of him as "girly" , just a hot body in sexy clothing.
Boy did he look SO HORNY in white lingerie against his dark , fit body.

So , further in to the session , it transpired that he has been looking at tgirls on the internet , they turn him on (which is the same for most guys i meet) BUT , he differs in the way that he see HIMSELF as the girl. He has cravings to be dressed like a slut and get fucked in the ass ! WOW - WHAT a revelation. 

So , i seized the opportunity and made him "my" bitch for the rest of our session.
I took it slowly , he said he had never even sucked cock before , so i just slowly introduced him to how it feels with a cock rubbing against his cheek and lips. Yes , he excited my girly cock !!!
For today , i left it at him just licking my balls but , you must realise , that this was a very big step for a straight boy.
Today was his first lesson.
He has been instructed to purchase lingerie and wear panties every day.
He has been instructed to purchase a dildo and practice every day , in order for him to be prepared for real cock !

He is to become my little project. I have promised him a total make-over on his next visit , where i shall fully dress him , do his make up , find him a lovely wig and transform him to female. We will work on his needing to taste and suck cock and eventually for him to have his virgin hole invaded by cock. I might even take him to a trans club for him to be a slut in public. That will be when i am confident that he is ready. I am really enjoying turning a street wise black lad in to a cock hungry, cross dressed slut. I do hope that i will have more tales to tell about his journey and transformation , in the future.

My third visitor was a young man , maybe 18 - 20yrs of age. Dogging Master Brix had been contacted on Facebook and had offered me to him.
So , i knew little about him . All i knew was that dogging Master Brix had told me he was a black boy in need and that i had to serve him.
He was young , slim and full of energy ( as boys are at that age) . He had a very nasty attitude though and likes to see me squirm as he face fucked me , lowered his arse hole on to mouth , to clean and then bent me over to fuck me in the ass.
He loved it !

 "Mr.Muscle" was my fourth visitor of the day.
This hunk connected with me thru a site called xhamster. He had seen my profile , pics and videos on there. Initially , he wanted me meet me , then , replied a few days later that he had changed his mind.
He is typical of a few guys whos dick is saying "yes" but the mind is not quite there to commit yet. There is a conflict in the head of someone who is new to trans girls , wondefing if they should or should not go ahead with it. I realise that this happens with some guys and i have written about it on my blog before.
I am VERY understanding of this BUT i am also very persuasive and can explain eloquently to a guy why it is worth it and that he will have a good time.
When he arrived he must have still been thinking that there was "some kind of a catch" as my profile is too good to believe for some men. Well , he soon found out that there is NO CATCH and that i am simply a sex slave to Black men.

His visit was short and i knew that it would be , since it was his first time. I can appreciate how brave he was even to get here in the first place !!!

When he was here though i was surprised to see his handsome face , enormous built , muscled body and gigantic cock !!! This sexy man certainly is a king when it comes to dick size ! It must have been 10/11 inches and THICK too. Certainly in the Top 5 , for size, of all the men i meet.

I gave him a gentle introduction to the joys of having a tgirl slut who is just there to serve. I sucked him and introduced him to rimming ( which he loved).
Stroking his sensative nipples and licking his balls whilst he was wanking soon had him busting his nut.
We did not take any pictures , infact , i did not mention taking pictures at all  - feeling that it may have been a step too far for such a guy having his first "experience". Maybe he will visit and we can take a pic of his dick in the future ? I do hope so. xxx

On Friday 13th December i hosted one of our www.thedarkthrust.co.uk Black men and tgirl parties.
Nine black bulls had the pleasure of using the holes of six, sexy , convincing , greedy tgirls.

As for myself i enjoyed pleasuring guys whom i have blogged about here before.
One is a MASSIVE , muscled , bull of a man whom i had the pleasure of sucking and being fucked by. The second is another massively muscled man whom i had the pleasure or rimming and fingering whilst at the same time he was fucking a big breasted transsexual. He then led me in to my play room where he put me in the sling. He gloved up and fisted my arse. Next he took my huge "victor" dildo and forced that in to me. He then placed the dildo on his pubic bone and fucked me hard with it. He also inserted three fingers down the side of the dildo and stretched me even further. Wow , these black bulls really do know how to tear up an ass hole and make it bigger than a pussy !

On Saturday 14th December i had two visitors.
The first was a WHITE male , who is a huge fan of my blog and my devotion to cock. He decided to purchase me and turn me in to a REAL WHORE.
Readers of my blog will know that i now give the opportunity to white men to use me , IF they purchase me as an escort.
This gentleman had told his wife that he had to work an extra shift but instead had taken a 50 mile train journey to London , in order to use me as a whore. I am so very flattered that he did this.
This docile , hairy gentleman turned in to a foul mouthed abuser once he had paid for me. He made me gag on his thick cock and blocked off the air to my nose in order to make me choke. He had me parade , show my ass and then finger myself.  He kept his "slut" on her knees as i rimmed his arse ( his first rimming ever and he LOVED it) Time flew by and in what seemed like no time at all he was wanking furiously , as i chewed his balls and he shot a gallon of come over my face. He wanted to defile me and once and for all mark me as his whore . He had a wonderful time.

He tells me he had a wonderful time . Since he is an avid reader of my blog , perhaps he will comment on his visit to me ???

Below is his load and myself looking bedraggled after his thorough use of me.

My second visitor today has been on my radar for over a year. "Mr.K" is a handsome, 20 something black lad with wonderful dreadlocks. He has been meaning to use me for quite some time but , unfortunately , dates have been cancelled , by him or me , due to genuine conflicts , in the past.

This fit guy has a perfect cock . About 7 inches and thick . It was so tasty to suck before licking his balls and working my way down to rimming his arse. He placed me in the rim box and i spent time in there , devouring his funky arse hole before it all got too much for him and he released me , bent me over and fucked me in the arse. His delicious cock filled me up completely and he buried himself violently in to me , up to the hilt.
He ripped the condom off , buried his cock in my mouth and then cum down my throat. Lovely :-)

Come back next Sunday for your next update and do comment on my blog if you feel like , i DO read ALL of your comments.



  1. I am the white male who used Tiffany today. I have followed her blog for a long time but as she is a black cock whore but recently saw I could buy her. So today I visited she met me at the door dressed as a slut stockings high heels and short skirt. She fixed me a drink and put on some porn I stripped of and she got on her knees and started working on my cock while I smoked and drank. I loved it as she deep throated my cock making her gag holding her nose and making her choke. She only got off her knees to fix me a drink and the pose bending over fingering her fuckhole. She also introduced me to rimming her tongue worked wonders on my arse and she stayed there until I let her up. Far to soon time was up and I wanted to leave her marked as my slut covered in cum and took some photos to prove it. I hope to see her sometime maybe use her rimming box xxx

  2. Thank You my buyer for your lovely comment. It just helps ( as if there was any doubt) for people to know that i am real and will pleasure as told to the best of my ability. i am so pleased to know that you had a lovely experience. Regards, Tiffany xxxx

    1. wow still remeber this day and what a great whore you were for me you still look amazing and really should find time to use and abuse you again

    2. All guys ever need do is contact me directly , to use and abuse me and treat me simply as their sex slave . Tiffany xxx

  3. as a sissy slut I love to read your blog each week you set the pace for the rest of us you are amazing your dark trust party sound out of this word
    xxxx love maid emily chant

  4. Thank You Emily , i hope my blog encourages you to be an even greedier slut for cock. Best wishes , Tiffany xxxx

  5. I love your blog and I envy you all those wonderful cocks you can suck. I would like to please as many Men as you. This picture of your face covered with massive load of cum is awesome :)

  6. Thank You Carolinasissy for your comment. Pimp yourself on the internet and get sucking girl :-)

  7. Thank you carolinasissy that is my load of cum on Tiffany after I had used her as my whore ;-) xxx sim

  8. As you can see , SIM produced a copious amount of cum ! Tiffany xxxx

  9. Great memories using tiffanylondontv I do need to use you more I hope to get to see you again will save my cum to cover you again having meet you i now know you are a true submissive whore and want to use you to your full potential

  10. I am loving going through your blog you look great covered in cum although personally I would want to pump my load down your throat in to you belly. Have you ever done bukkake you would look even better covered in 20 mens spunk bob xxx

  11. Bob, thanks so much for your comment. i would LOVE to do Bukkake with a group of 10,15,20 men or more! i would do this for groups of men of any age, race, size.
    One guy promised to arrange it for me once. i drove all the way from London to Milton Keynes or somewhere and when i got there only THREE of the dozen guys showed up ! It was a big disappointment. i just need a guy who can organise things better and guarantee the numbers :-) Needs to be a minimum of 10.

  12. Really that is rubbish you definately need to do bukkake it would be great to see it's a surprise that is so difficult to organise can't believe only 3 turned up you must get so pissed off with timewaster s especially travelling so far hope someone does sort it out bob xxx

  13. i hope someone will organise one for me in the future too Bob

  14. So love that photo of you covered in my cum. Should really of got a before photo of you sluttly made up and the the spunk covered one shiwing how well you were used. Been revisiting your blog and damn you still get my covk hard.Such a great day hope you are keeping slutty xxxx