16 Nov 2013

Week ending 16th November 2013

WHAT a week !!!

Let me start on Wednesday November 13th

My first visitor was a young , slim , black lad who came to me thru adultfriendfinder website. i will call him "BlackC"

This young man had never used a tgirl before but was eager to try.  Soon after he arrived i chuckled inside as he said in an email that "as he was a little apprehensive and might be a little nervous , he might take a while to get hard ". Well, as soon as he saw me dressed sexilly and sluttily his dick immediately stood to attention :-)
i took it slow with him and began by sucking his delicious black cock.
i asked him if he liked being rimmed. He said that he had never experienced it.
Time and time again i have written on my blog that it amazes me that men can reach their mid 20's , mid 30's , mid 40's or even later and have NEVER yet experienced the sheer joy and pleasure of a tgril tongue , teasing the hundreds of nerve endings around their ass , with her tongue.
So , i set about introducing him to this pleasure.
Like 99 percent of all men who have come before him , he was blown away with the sensation and sheer pleasure. He was really getting in to my mouth licking , slurping and sucking on his arse hole - he was in ecstacy. I thought he would never ask me to stop.
i went back to sucking him but continued to stroke his saliva'd arse hole with my fingers. He was loving it.
i asked him if he had ever had his arse fingered ? He said no and so i asked him if he would like to try it . He said yes , so i grabbed a latex glove and lube and proceeded to gently tease his hole with my finger until i felt him relax and his arse to "talk to me" , asking for more.
Soon , i was inside him , teasing his prostate with my finger and milking him from inside.
He LOVED it . He loved it so much he was soon asking me to insert TWO fingers ! Wow , what a greedy boy , such a fast learner .

i had worked him in to such a frenzy that he he ordered me to get a condom so that he could fuck me.
Can you believe this lad has never fucked an ass before either ?
He fucked me in all sorts of position and loved the fact that ass is tighter than pussy and he felt my ass gripping and milking his big black cock.
He was REALLY getting off on making me gape. He fucked me , stretched me , pulled out and looked at my gape , over and over again.

He did not want to cum by fucking , so , i went back on my knees and sucked him , as i re-introduced my finger in to his ass , until he shot his load.

For my second visitor, a change of outfit in to my schoolgirl uniform.
Some men are just horny and simply want a blowjob to relieve their frustration.
Thats what happened with "Mr.LM" , a large built black lad who contacted me earlier in the day.
He had seen my website , he was horny and needed relief. It can sometimes be THAT simple.
So , he popped in for a blowjob , i duly provided it , then he left. Sorted !

My third Wednesday visitor was "Mr.Young".
i have been serving this young hunk for over three years. He visits me infrequently though and the last time i served him was a year ago.
The fact is though that men know where i am and that i am here to serve them and they are able to visit me whenever they wish. Whether that is once a week , once a month or once a year.

It is always a total pleasure to serve this lad and his MONSTER cock. It must be 9" and thick (as you can see)
His dick filled my mouth and throat and , eventually , my ass !!!!
Always a pleasure

Thursday November 14th

My first visitor was "Black Daddy From N.London" who has visited me before and you can read about him

and here http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/todays-servitude.html

A sensational visit from him , as always as i so love worshipping his big cock and GIANT balls . Gosh , he gave me so much pain in my nipples today ( he does this to make me serve him better ) that it took me two days to recover . I felt it in my tits every time my blouse brushed against them over the next two days. This man KNOWS how to make you not forget him in a hurry.
He also joined us for our "Dark Thrust" tgirl and Balck bulls party on Friday, more about that later.

My second Friday visitor was "Mr.Hairy Indian". 
This handsome suited Indian man visits me every now and again.
You can read about him and see the pictures here : http://bitch4black.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/today-monday-25th-march.html  

I sucked and rimmed him and he treated me like a whore . He just took an hour away from his office , visited , used me to cum , then left - perfect :-)

My third visitor was "Young J". He last visted me in February. You can read about his vist and see the pictures here :

For this visit he had much more time than his last one and so it i was able to enjoy sucking him and rimming his bubble but before he fucked me in the ass.
It is always such a joy when he visits - i do hope that he visits me more often :-)

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