15 May 2013

Used and abused today - pushed to the limit

On 16th October 2012 i wrote an entry for you about "Mr.France"
You can see it here:

Incase you don't want to go and read it , here is the opening paragraph.......

"My servitude to men has been curtailed today as i have been "ruined" by one man ! In the best possible way , of course.

"Mr.France" first came to my attention over 5yrs ago on yahoo messenger. We chatted occasionally , but , since he lived in Paris, nothing much came of it.
Imagine my surprise when he contacted me this week as he is now living in London.

This handsome, sexy . chocolate man has a body to die for. Rippling six-packs, the lot.
We had a wonderful "girlfriend experience" but all the time i was pleasuring his cock , his fingers went straight for my ass pussy !
Well , i could tell , this man was just CRAZY for fingering , probing and stretching ass."

So "Mr.France" visited me again this afternoon. He was as sexy as ever , horny as ever and anally fixated as ever !

And so , it started with me sucking him in the living room with him going straight to fingering my ass hole.

So we moved to the playroom.
I had already organised the gloves and lube and so all he needed to do was put me in to the sling.
And so he began an hour long session of probing , stretching , fucking and fisting me ass !
He often used two hands as a wedge to open me wider and then withdrew one hand to replace it with his cock , in effect wanking his cock inside my ass with his fingers inside me too !
There was as much fucking me with his juicy black dick as he fucked me with his black latex clad hands.

He gave my arse such a thorough work out and i can say it was tough at times. He was really pushing through my limits as he was insatiable and i was greedy.
Lets just say , after he had left , i could barely walk.

We did not take any pictures. No-one thinks of or wants to stop to take pictures in such a hot session. Instead , here is a pic of me sucking him, which i first posted on October 16th....


i had barely recovered when i had a date to service "Mr.Sleaze".
Mr.Sleaze is such a frequent and welcome visitor to me that he has even earned himself his own "label".
By clicking his "label" on the right hand side , you get a record of all his previous visits

This gorgeuos "geezer" of a man is as manly as they come. i am so pleased though that he found an outlet (in me) for his dark desires. Basically , he just comes around and uses me, gets out his frustrations and then leaves without even saying goodbye. That is absolutely fine as far as i am concerned , because i know my place... my place is that of being a black mans slut ... and we keep it as simple as that.

Tonight i had to open the door to him with his preferred drink in my hand, on my knees with my collar and lead around my neck.

i had to clean his sweaty groin and cock with my tongue - i was not allowed to suck him at this stage.

He then needed to piss and so he dragged me in to the toilet and i was made to clean his dirty ass with my tongue as he prepared to piss.
When he pissed my face was positioned next to his golden stream and then he forced the end of his stream over my face and some in to my mouth.

i was then told to clean myself up and then he dragged me by my lead , i was still on all fours this entire time , in to the living room.

He relaxed on the sofa, opened his legs and then told me to get to work on his cock.
i sucked him just for a short time and he cum in my mouth.

He led me to the shower , i was on my knees again as he showered. As he dried off he told me to go away and leave him alone. After a short while , i simply heard the front door close and he was gone.

He took pics of me with his piss stream next to me.
i have only just mailed them to him.

He has not yet given his permission to post any of them here.
If/when he does, this paragraph will disappear and you will simply see those picture below.
If he decides he does not want them posted , then , you will be reading this paragraph just as it is written now.

i always look forward to his visits as it satisfies me so much knowing that i have been a good slave and an outlet for his needs.

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