22 May 2013

3 gorgeous men today

Some of you have asked - how can i serve so many men ? "You serve as many men as a working girl, so how do you find the time ?"
Well , as you all know i am not currently a working girl and BY CHOICE. i use my spare time to pleasure dark skinned men , men i am attracted to , free with no strings whatsoever.

i WORK in the mornings, from early in the morning and i make sure i get my work done by lunchtime.
It leaves me free from 1pm to serve dark cock.
i do not serve on weekends - as i need to have some "down time" otherwise it would all get too much.
Also , i do not serve in the hot Summer days as i would prefer to have the opportunity to shoot off to the beach or somewhere. So from some time in June to some time in September my regular "daily" service to cock comes to a stop.

If you ever want to know how many men i am serving on a particular day , you can always look at my online diary at :

Anyway , back to today. 3 gorgeous men were given my service and servitude.

Guy 1
"Beefy Boy" emailed me out of the blue. He said that a black friend of his had recommended me!
Who that friend is , is a mystery , as i do not like to pry. It is flattering though , to know that men are telling each other about me saying "i know this fab slut who will sort you out , you should go see her !"

Anyway , "Beefy Boy" is a young man in his 20's with a very handsome , more mature face.
He is bigger built and i can only describe him as a "Black Bull". He has big , strong , powerful arms and thighs and a big chest.
He has the attitude and assertiveness of someone many years beyond his age.

He took control of me almost as soon as he got here.
i was sucking on his cock before moving on to the rim-seat where his big ass smothered my mouth as my tongue brought waves of pleasure to his anal sphincter.
After that , he grabbed a condom and fucked me in the ass.
He withdrew and cum when i sucked him again.

i love this boy , he is a "black bear" to steal a phrase from another community.
i am so pleased that he has found me and i cannot wait to pleasure him again , as often as he wishes.

Here i am with his cock that has just cum in my mouth....

Guy 2
This HANDSOME man contacted me thru the most obscure of personal sites called "OkCupid". This is a site which i have never previously had any luck with and is just full of imature timewasters.
So , it was refreshing when he told me that , although he was straight , he had some past experience of tgirls.

He is HANDSOME and has a sexy , fit body. He has a wonderful hairy chest.

He is a light skinned Mixed Race man, i would guess late 20's with some Kenyan heritage.

He took no time at all in stripping off and getting my mouth around his dick. He loved my talented tongue and some "tricks" i do , which had him having to make me stop , as it was so intense !

So , we moved to the rim seat where his gorgeous , perfect , slim butt lowered itself on to my face. My tongue sought out his ass hole and began its' job of bringing pleasure to him as i stroked his dick with my free hand.

After a lengthy rimming session , his dick was rock hard as he grabbed a condom and led me to the bedroom.

Well he fucked me in the ass in so many positions ! He took his time too , he simply loved being in there - i could tell that he never wanted to come out ( i didn't want him to either !) His dick felt SO good in my ass.
Although he did fuck me for a LONG time his orgasm came out of the blue ! His "headspace" must have gotten so excited at one point that he just could not stop from coming ! Gosh , the condom was full of so much spunk ! What a heavy cummer he is.

What a SEXY man . i do look forward to serving him again in the future.

Here you see his lighter skin , his lovely hairy body and his dark dick.....

Guy 3

i have met this gorgeous man a couple of times in the past 18 months. He came to me thru a site called "xhamster" where i have a profile , pics and videos.
He is a dark skinned African man in his late 20's

All of you men reading this blog will hate this man because he is so good looking! He has "model" looks and a body to die for. HUGE pecs, a tight body and a dick WELL ABOVE AVERAGE. This man "has it all".
However, apparently , what he does not have is a slut who will simply worship his cock and do as she is told.

You see , "Mr.Kool" just likes to be sucked, nothing else. Oh , he does not want a quick blow job and cum, he wants to be sucked FOR HOURS!
i told him no woman would put up with it - and he smiled , because he KNOWS that.
And so , i spent at least an hour , on my knees quite simply sucking and sucking and sucking his cock ! Oh , he does like his balls licked and chewed too ! At one point i even had hiss balls AND his cock in my mouth !

"Mr. Kool" realises that i am the subservient slut who will worship his dick and make no complaints. He knows that i was born to do it , that i love to do it and so he takes advantage of it ! He knows i won't complain or say "can we do something else?" he knows i will just kneel there and pleasure his cock with my mouth and tongue until he decides to cum or stop.

He knows that there is no-one else who will submit like this and so do YOU know , my readers , what i will do for Black men and their cocks. I AM SELFLESS, UNQUESTIONING and i simply SERVE!

It is an absolute honour for me to pleasure dark dick. i am always flattered that men want to come and use me (and return time after time).

"Mr.Kool" knows where i am and he WILL be back. Yes , he will be getting tits and pussy elsewhere and females to suck his dick for a few minutes , but , he knows that when he needs constant , relentless sucking , that he will be coming to me .... and i will be honoured.

Here is a pic of his dick , me sucking and the shot of when he had cum in my mouth and the shot after i had swallowed.
i now go to bed with Black seed in my belly . This white slut has been "blacked" and is so content and happy :-)


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