29 May 2013

Tiffany tgirl used as an urinal

My Black Bull visitor today drove 100 miles just to see me because , although i have met him before , he has just discovered my blog and he had not realised how "nasty" i may get in order to serve the desires of a Black Man.

He realised that he can act out some of his dark desires with me , ones which he rarely gets to mention to anyone.

After sucking and rimming him , he fisted me in the sling in my playroom.
At first he slowly stretched my ass hole in the sling with toys , his fingers and his hands. When it seemed i was loose enough i stood up to slowly lower my hole on to his arm and consume his entire hand.

He contortion-ed his body so that he was fucking my mouth with his black dick as he punch fucked my arse hole with his fist at the same time. 

Naturally , he soon exploded down my throat.

When his erection subsided , he told me he needed to piss.

He took a metal anal speculum and spread my arse hole so that it was open and "gaped".

He then took a piss up my arse , using my arse as an urinal.

Enjoy the video

N.B The video is below the picture.
The video includes a music soundtrack. Turn your computer volume down low or off , if you prefer, before clicking on the video "play" button.

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  1. Next time let him use your mouth as urinal.