17 May 2013

Shit faced photography

Yesterday i as shit faced !

This blog entry contains an account of extreme activities involving shit. So , if you do not want to read about such things , move on to another post now. You have been warned.

A few weeks ago i was contacted by a photographer who had a project to photograph extreme kinks.
His desires and needs were very specific for a project that he is working on.
He knew that i was unshockable and eager to please and had a filthy mind and so he proposed to do a professional photo shoot , where he shit on my face and then rubbed his excrement in to me, like a face mask.
He wanted to produce images to disturb and shock but that would also "turn on" those who like to see fem submissives degraded/abused.

And so , last night we spent over an hour setting up the scene , getting the lighting correct etc..  before he procceded to defile me.

i see it as the ULTIMATE humiliation to accept a mans shit and become a human toilet.
i do realise that this is an extreme kink for a very low proportion of males , but , there are men out there who exist who really get off on using gurls as human toilets.
It is an extreme form of degredation and i have no doubt that these nasty men see gurls as simply objects who exist to serve them in the most degrading of ways.

i realise that i am at risk at turning off a lot of you viewers of my blog but i do believe it is important to recognise all aspects of human sexuality , regardless of the extreme and to bring them in to the public forum and not hide them away as if they don't exist.
So , appologies to those who find it offensive and a step too far, my "normal blog entries" will resume soon , i promise.

The experience for me had two levels to it really.
Yes , i was submitting to a mans extreme desires. Extreme men are rare and i am always looking to find the extreme (not only those in to toilet ganes , but those into other activities as well ) and so , in this instance,  i found what i was looking for i guess.

He dropped his pants and relaxed his sphincter. His shit was pungent , vile and disgusting. He rubbed it all over my face. It started off warm and smooth but , over time , it cooled and caked and dried all over my face and on my lips and it also filled my nostrils. i had no option but to inhale the stench of his waste for over 2hrs of photography shooting.

On another level , it was not sexual. Normally, a man who might desire to do this to me would be doing it on a sexual level. It would naturally also involve his cock and his orgasm perhaps using me orally and/or anally or perhaps caking his cock in shit as he face fucked me and made me clean him or maybe making me chew and swallow etc... However , since this was a photography shoot , it was not sexual as it involved posing for the camera only as he got on with his "job" of capturing the images.

The images are now, of course, waiting to be developed.
i will be given copies of the results at a future date and will be allowed to share them with you.
i do not know if i will share them on this blog - as it might be a step too far for many of my readers.
i will probably put them on a secret link on my personal homepages and so , only those of you who wish to see them can request the link from me.
You can request the link by posting a "comment" to this blog entry.

Normal cock service will resume from next Monday onwards , when i hope to have more entries for you on my daily servitude to black cock.




  1. Mmm, I'd love to see those pictures once you get them.

  2. Has the pics arrived.... Please send me the link or mail em to rickycruise4u.... Was hopping all these days u do scat sex atleast once.... niceeeeee

  3. please can i see bigen262

  4. Hey any news on these photos ???????????? waiting..... pls provide a link here in the blogggggggg

  5. i will NOT be providing a link. Many people do not want to see such extreme pics. i will only send to men who give me their direct email address. xxx

  6. The photographer has now sent me 3 pictures which i can share. i will still share them privately and not on this public blog.
    The rest of the pictures the photographer want to be kept for commercial use only.

    If you send a request for the 3 public pictures , with your email address , in a reply box here , (only i will see it - i will not publish it) , i will email the pictures to you. Alternatively , you can mail me on tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com and ask me directly.