28 May 2013

May Bank Holiday Monday

A hot sunny day today for men to travel to me , to worship their cocks !
Two men today
Guy 1
Turns out , "Mr.J" is a stalker ".
This North London Indian heritage man actually contacted me because he had viewed this very blog !
He has a girlfriend and has never met a tgirl in his life.
Mind you , he had studied every word, every picture and every video that i had posted and so he arrived here with a clear idea in his head of what he wanted to happen.
i was to suck his cock , i was to rim and finger his arse and i was to pay a lot of attention to his sensitive nipples. Basically , he directed me like he had paid for a 500 dollar whore and he was making sure that he got his moneys worth ! Luckily for him , i was a free slut though - but i still did everything that he asked. He paid his bill in spunk - by shooting in my mouth !

Guy 2
Saw the return of "Mr.R" whom i told you about on 3rd March 2013.

i have served him several times now. He is a horny , fit, young black lad with the most edible arse !
That is his thing actually , having his arse hole chewed , licked , tongued and swallowed!
i spent the longest time putting my mouth and tongue to good use on the rimming seat. We are talking a long , long time here !
i am in heaven when a young black buck like him , lowers his arse hole on to my mouth and tells me to get to work. i LOVED every moment.
i told him , if only he lived next door then i could be installed as his computer chair. Every time he needed to use the computer for work or surfing , then his "chair" below him would be by face , with my tongue ready to give him pleasure.
Here i am with his cock.....

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