13 May 2013

Todays men

As you know , i have had a short break from serving.
Today , i resumed and boy was i S-O HUNGRY for cock.
Whoever visits me today is super lucky , as i am so horny and eager to pleasure dick.

I could have not been more fortunate that the man who was my first (after a long period of abstinence) was "Mr.Sexfreak".
I first met him 18 months ago. He is a big , strong , handsome, chunky Arab guy who came to me thru a site called smutvibes.
I can't believe it is a year to the day though that he last visited.

He is very much turned on by anal and so i played with my hole and inserted a hollow butt-plug up my arse. This plug has a hole through the centre , so, when in place, you can look right inside my hole. You can get your fingers in there too. It is like a permanent "gape".
He loved it.

I sucked his delicious 8" dark cock and rimmed his beefy arse. Gosh , it is always such a pleasure serving this man.
He was soon cumming down my throat and it was all over all too soon , as i love being with this guy.

Here i am on his cock...........


My second visitor today was a young Bangladeshi man. i have met him before and he arrived in his suit , he had been at work.
He has the most handsome face and one of those dark , short , beards that look so sexy on Bangladeshi and Indian males.
Combine that with his hairy body and he is one sexy geezer !

i am afraid he specifically declined any pics being taken , so i m afraid i can't show you any of him.
You will just have to take my word for it that i provided him with TWO orgasms from blow jobs and he loved it.


My third and final visitor of the day was "long_dick".
This 20 something young man came to me thru the porn site , xhamster.
He had NEVER encountered a tgirl before and had never considered one , until this week.
It makes me proud that my adverts convey that i am just a compliant slut here to please dark men and that they can see that i am genuine and i am just here to serve them , no strings.
He is a Black African boy with a  lovely 8 inch cock.
I introduced him to rimming and fucking ass. It is always hard for me to believe that boys and men have STILL never experienced the pleasure of being rimmed and/or fucking tight ass.
It proves to me that females are either unwilling OR that guys are just too scared to ask this of females , incase of rejection.

Men KNOW they can ask anything of me , any dirty desire and i will try to comply.
They do not need to play "nice" with me , when they visit they are free to explore all of their fantasies and desires , ones that they have never shared with anyone.

So what AN ABSOLUTE HONOUR it was to pleasure "long_dick" and be his FIRST trans girl , give him his first ever rimming and give over my ass to him for his first ever anal fuck.

He fucked my clean , douched ass for the longest time and enjoyed manhandling it , probing it with his rough fingers and making me stretch and gape for him.

What a terrific time i had with this young man.
He now knows that he owns my mouth and ass - so i do hope that he will return again.

Here he is , stuffing my mouth.......

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  1. I love you serving Arab and Bangladeshi men. I am oringinally from Pakistan now living in Walsall. I find you very obedient and a beautyiful slave. I shall write to you soon.