21 May 2013

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As you know , i don't pleasure cock on weekends - i do HAVE to create some time in order to re-charge my batteries.
So Monday was a disaster , one guy cancelled , but he gave me fair notice. Another guy simply stood me up ! He did not reply to emails or answer texts. 24hrs later and he still has not been in touch with an explanation or an apology. This is THE WORST type of "admirer". Not only do they let me down but they take an appointment that another black guy could have had.

So today is Tuesday and a guy i had pencilled in for just after lunch time contacted me to say that he could not come. Shame.

The day was saved though by "Mr.W".
"Mr.W" is a light skinned Arab/African man who has the biggest cock in London !
If you go in to your fridge now and pull out two cans of 330ml coke and stand one on top of the other - THAT is how big "Mr.W"'s cock is !

He rapes my mouth with it , then complains he can feel my teeth ! Well , my jaw was stretched to the maximum and there is no avoiding the teeth i am afraid ! Even trying to wrap my lips over my teeth meant that his dick could not get in my mouth !

This annoyed him though and he got nasty. He grabbed some rope and tied my wrists behind my back. He took me to my playroom and forced me down on to my "spanking becnch". There is am , chest resting on the bench, head pushed down , wrists bound behind me , my ass exposed and high in the air and then.... he fucked me.
Look at that can of coke again and imagine that width going up your arse ??? !!!

Fortunately the guys who had fisted me recently had taught me how to relax my hole and so i was able to take it . i next had to deal with the length and no , it did not all go in straight away - it took some serious fucking with his monster to keep stretching away at my depth in order for me to take most of his length.

He cum by pulling out and making me hold his cum in my mouth , so he could see my mouth filled with his spunk. Only after a minute or two did he order me to swallow it .

He also told me that he wanted to stick his cock back in me and piss up my arse. Naturally i told him that he must fulfil his need, as i am just a slut who is there to provide pleasure. He told me if he did that though he would instantly cum up my arse and so we had to refrain from doing that as it would not be "safe sex".

i regret there is no picture of "Mr.W" using me , as he is a very private straight man on the DL.

He has been using me for quite some time now and he will be back again. So there will be further reports about him in future , but , i regret , never any pictures. 

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