10 Apr 2013

"Mr.Thug" from November 2nd 2012
Visited me again today.

This mid 20's nasty black boy came back for more and he was as horny and sensational as ever.
It is hard to tell from the pics but i can promise you his 8inch cock is THICKER than most men and is a very tight fit in anyone's throat.

He took pleasure in throat fucking me and trying to get his cock as far down my throat as he could. At one point , he even made me puke ! i think he enjoys this though :-)

i rimmed him too and then he tied my arms behind my back and fucked me , hard , doggy style.
He then withdrew and cum all over my face.

After a 10 minute break it was time for round 2 !

More sucking , more face fucking , more rimming. Then he wanked his dick as he was stood over me with his foot wedged down my throat and shot his second load.

See how he messed my face up in the pictures below.

To end the day , had a re-visit from "Mr.Germany"
You can read about his last visit here

He was just as nasty as his last visit - this man just loves to face fuck a slut.
It is ALWAYS a pleasure to submit to him. 

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