2 Apr 2013

Today - "Tyson"

See this picture ........
His name is Tyson Beckford. He is a supermodel - one of the World's highest paid. Handsome eh ?

Well , today - i could have sworn Tyson Beckford had walked through my door !

The boy who visited me an hour ago was the spitting image of him , so , i will call him "Mr.Tyson"

This young man , i would say early '20's contacted me through fabswingers.
He said that he had met tgirls before but none of the quality of me ( flattery will get you everywhere with me ! LOL )

i took pleasure in sucking his delicious black cock before we moved over to the rimming stool - where i tongued and rimmed him for the longest time - he was loving every lick and suck of his arse hole.
He released me from my captive head box and face fucked me for a while , in front of the porn that was playing on the DVD.
He then took a condom , lubed my arse and fucked me. He likes to fuck hard and fast and so we moved to the bedroom where there is more room. He fucked me in several positions and finally cum up my arse in the condom.

What an absolutely fabulous time i had , serving such a strikingly handsome young man.
I do hope that he will visit me often , so that i may continue to be his unpaid whore.

As i told him myself "he owns my ass now" and so he is welcome to use it whenever he is in need.

Here he is below.........

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