12 Apr 2013

Todays 24yr old Black boy

"Mr.N" came to me thru adultfriendfinder website.
He is a sexy , handsome , fit bodied 24yr old black lad from South East London.

It was his very first time visiting a tgirl and he was VERY quiet - hardly spoke a word.
i can quite understand this , since meeting a tgirl for the first time must be quite a nerve wracking experience.
i did all the talking then and put him at ease.
Soon , he was relaxed (though still quiet) and enjoying my mouth on his dick.
i suggested i rim his arse , a new experience for him
Oddly , he was not bowled over by it . In my experience 9 out of 10 guys go crazy for the feelings when a tongue is licking on and stimulating their ass hole.
i guess "Mr.N" must have been one of the one-in-ten guys , for whom it is not that stimulating.

"Mr.N" has stated in his email to me that he wanted to try fucking ass.
He had never done it before and so , i took a condom , lubed my ass and bent over so that he could fuck me doggy. He LOVED that and shot his load in 60 seconds !

What a BRAVE young man he was. To meet a tgirl for the first time , to be rimmed for the first time and to fuck ass for the first time !

i can't tell you what this means to me - to be able to be a "first" for any guy. It blows my mind every time and i am HONOURED that i can do so.

Strangely , after sex , he became more talkative and it transpires that he wanted to bring his best friend along today too. It seems his friend was busy though. He told me he and his friend often double up and use females. He told me his friend has used a tgirl before , so he would be cool.

Anyway , this young man left me very happy indeed and says he is looking forward to his next visit. Hopefully , he will bring his friend along too and maybe they will take pics of them spit roasting me an double anal fucking me , so i can show you all.

He was a gorgeous , sexy boy and it will be my pleasure and honour to be his unpaid whore again , any time in the future.

No more dates for me before Tuesday 16th April , so, browse and enjoy the rest of my blog and  come back for new blog entries next week. xxx


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