1 Apr 2013

The week before Easter

Due to Easter i did not have time to update my blog much last week.
Here is a catch up of three men whom i pleasured around March 27/28th

Guy 1
"Mr.G" from January 23rd visited me again. See my blog about him here

I sucked , i rimmed and he fucked me !
Here is a pic of him in my ass with me in my maids uniform

Guy 2
"Mr. Bas" told me that he had had bisexual experiences before (with men) but he had never met a tgirl . He has a wonderfull , muscular lean body. Since he has experience we wasted no time in getting to enjoy eachothers bodies. Naturally i sucked him and he locked my head in the rimming box , where i spent a wonderful time cleaning his arse for him !
His cock was the PERFECT size for sucking too.

After he had cum , he said he needed to go piss. i took him to the bathroom , pointed to the toilet and told him " you can either piss in that toilet OR you can piss in this toilet (pointing at myself). " He chose me. He placed me in the bath , told me to open my mouth and then he pissed all over my face and body , in to my hair and then in to my mouth. I swallowed , naturally , like a good whore should.
Can't wait for this kinky man to visit me again :-)


Guy 3
"Mr.A" is a 21yr old Black African boy from S.London.
He had never met a tgirl before and so it was such an honour to be his first.
For me , it was lust at first sight ! He has an AMAZING body. He is tall and very broad. You might describe it as "rugby player build" but with no fat at all - he is all muscle. If he were 40yrs of age you would describe him as a "black bull". Maybe , at his age , i should call him a "boy bull".
It is hard to see in the pictures but he has a THICK 9 inch cock. He did not appreciate how blessed he is and above the size of most men.

As he was new and experienced i had to take the lead. i sucked him. I then introduced him to rimming as he said he had never experienced it before. He LOVED it. i them asked him if he wanted me to try fingering his ass hole. He said he was game after i reassured him that i would not hurt him in any way. Soon , i was massaging his prostate with my finger and he loved that too !
Soon he was fucking me - he had never fucked ass before either !
What a day of firsts for this handsome , young man.
i was so HONOURED to have introduced him to so many new things and become a slut for him.
He cum by me sucking the end of his cock as he wanked the shaft. As you can see in the picture , he shot all over my face and hair !

I cannot wait to serve him again :-)

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