9 Apr 2013

The black bodybuilder thug

i have just been visited by a young Black Bull and i have had one the rides of my life !

i would say "Mr.Bodybuilder Thug" is in his mid '20's. He is no stranger to tgirls as he sees them as whores who are there to serve him and his nasty desires. So , 10/10 for attitude already !

He is VERY handsome and has one of the most amazing bodies that i have seen. He is bulging muscles everywhere and his pecs are a dream. His biceps are built and strong and you can see a slut would have no defence against a monster body like his.

i wanted to take a picture of his body , to show you all , but , he declined as he said he was only just back in to serious training and he would soon be DOUBLE his size ! OMG!

i also say "thug" in the nicest possible way as he is very charming on the outside BUT he uses it to get the worst out of himself and a slut.

i started by slowly sucking his gorgeous 7/8 inch cock but he soon demonstrated how things were going to go by grabbing my head and forcing his entire dick down my tight throat. He had me gagging and gasping fro breath. This made him even harder.

i was told to rim him as he brought his legs over his chest. i got down there and began to clean his funky ass. In order to make him more comfortable , i revealed and invited him to my rimming seat/box. Once my head was locked in to the box , he lowered his arse down on to my tongue that protruded from the hole in the top.
i then spent a long time licking and sucking on his big , beefy arse hole. He LOVED it.
i could tell he likes to have a slut degraded under his man hole.

As i am trapped there in the box , he starts fingering my hole . He takes more fingers and begins to stretch me . He takes fingers from both of his hands and spreads my tgirl Kunt. i am gaping nicely for him.

He releases me from the box, he takes a latex glove and produces poppers.
He orders me on to my knees in a "doggy position". He passes me "poppers" and tells me to inhale.
The next thing i know is that his hand is stretching my arse hole. He gives steady pressure and back and forth motions and begins to fuck me with his fingers. More poppers and he tells me to "push" his fingers out. This only allows his hand to actually go deeper.
Before i know it , he has his entire fist up my arse.

His cock is harder than ever and there is a look of power in his eyes.
He now knows that he has this slut totally under his control and i am in a position where i can only take his nasty needs.

After fisting me for a while he says he needs to fuck. He removes his hand , puts on a condom and then rams his black cock in to my sore , gaping ass.

He does not take long to cum as he is now getting off on the knowledge that he now owns my ass and that he can and will use and abuse it whenever he wants.

He took pictures of my training and abuse.

Below are pictures of his cock. He also took pictures of him fisting my arse when i was in a doggy position and later on when he made me stand up , so that he could go deeper. I afraid the ones standing up did not come out very well , but the single picture will give you a basic impression.

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