4 Apr 2013

Handsome boy today

i am aching all over from my servitude to 4 men yesterday.
i am fortunate that i had to be out for most of the day and that i only had one appointment this evening.

Let me just say, sometimes the quantity does not matter but the quality !
"Mr.D" tonight was quality!

A HANDSOME , sexy 22yr old Black boy from S.London who connected with me on xhamster.
He is tall and has an amazing , fit body with big strong thighs and a bubble butt !

He told me i was his second ever tgirl and the first one was not much of a success!

He said he had high hopes for me , so , it was an incentive to be the best slut that i could.
Mind you , i can only be as good as a man or boy can make me be. He needs to let me know what pleasure he needs and , in many cases , take charge.

Mr.D did exactly that , he took charge. He wanted this slut on her knees , pleasuring his delicious dick.
Then , he wanted her to rim him , as he had never experienced it. He loved it , of course !
Then he wanted more sucking and to sit on my face as i put my tongue and mouth to more use.

Next , he told me to strip , in the bedroom , where he proceeded to give my arse a serious fucking.
As he was just about to cum , he withdrew, whipped the condom off and shot his spunk all over my face and in to my mouth.

What a sensational young man he is - he knows he now has a "local" slut who he can call upon whenever he is horny.

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