3 Jan 2016

Week Ending January 2nd 2016

Firstly, Happy New Year to each and every one of you.

As in past past weeks , my servitude to cock was less frequent this past week, as i took time out for the holiday season.

On Monday December 28th i pleasured one man.

He was a "new" visitor to me . This 27yr old , handsome black man from North London had a delicious cock and it was my honour to suck his delicious black cock as he spat in my face and called me filthy names. He really knew how to use and treat a slut like me :-)

On Wednesday 30th December i pleasured 3 men.

The first saw the re-visit of a sexy , muscly black man who was making his thrid visit to me in 12 months.

His pulsating black cock was soon in my mouth as i gave him pleasure which only served to warm him up to tell me to get on all fours. He took a condom , lubed my hole and fucked me in the ass. He took pleasure riding my hole before he shot his load deep inside me.
Here is a pic of us , from a previous meeting.

My second visitor , i shall call "Mr.X" was a first time visitor to me , he contacted me through a website called Fabswingers.

He is truely a metrosexual man and he is an experienced user of females and tgirls.
We enjoyed an intense hour of me sucking him , rimming him and fingering his prostate.
No picture i am afraid , he asked not to have any taken.

My third visitor was.... wait for it.... wait for it..... wait for it .....
A White Man !!!

Gosh , in all the years of this blog he is one of less than a handful of white men whom i have pleasured in my free time.

So , you are wondering, what does it take for a white man to vist and receive pleasure from me  ?
Well , the quickest answer is , he can book me as an escort!

However , there are SOME white men whom i will pleasure in my free time.
i am VERY particular and they must be extraodinary.

For instance, i like HUGE men, huge in stature that is. i like men who are gigantically muscled or built like powerlifters. i love the white men on "The Worlds Stongest Man" competition for instance.

Other white men who attract me can by hairy , but i mean REALLY hairy, i am talking THICK hair covering their chests, backs, legs, arms and arse cheeks - hairy as a gorilla! Freakishly hairy - i go weak at the knees for men like that!

Others might be BDSM Masters, who are assertive and dominant and are filthy minded.

In the case of todays visitor, we have been communicating for over a year and the reason that i have always hoped to serve him one day is , because he falls in the first category - he is HUGE !
He is one big mass of a White Bull. Well over 6 foot and a body like a powerlifter.
It helps that he is EXTREMELY handsome too :-)

i sank to my knees , in front of this hunk of beef and lowered my lips on to his cock.
i loved sucking his cock and almost brought him to the point of coming on several occasions. i am glad he did not cum though as he told me to fetch him a condom and i lubed my ass hole and got on all fours.
He vigourously fucked me , slamming his man mountain body against me as he got his dick deep inside me.

Soon , he was on the verge of coming and he knew it , so he quickly pulled out, removed the condom and shot his thick load of spunk in to my mouth.

What a sensational man - i do hope he does not take too long to return to me :-)

Naturally , i would NEVER post a full picture of ANY man who visited me , but , the one below is a representation of his stature , in a picture that i downloaded off the internet. It is NOT him , it is just a comparison , so you can see how hunky he was.

And here i am , with HIM , serving his cock :-) You can just make out his huge thighs.

Finally , last week i promised you a new video of me being used by a sensational , young black boy with a huge cock. i am sorry i have not posted it yet. i edited it ages ago and sent it to him for his "approval" ( before publishing) . i regret , he has not gotten back to me yet. As soon as he does , i will post it for you.


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