17 Jan 2016

Week ending January 16th 2016

A quiter week than normal for me , due to a heavy work load.

i only pleasured cocks on Wednesday January 13th

My first visitor saw the return of ""The 4 seconds Indian boy""
It was his fourth visit in a 10 month period. i first wrote about him on 18th March , on the following page :

The last time he visited me , he shot his load in 4 seconds , hence his name.
Today , we joked about it and hoped he would last longer.

Well , i think we can safely remove that title now as we spent a LONG time , before he cum today.

He has the most AMAZING pecs , which i grabbed hold of as i deep throated him.
A simple re-visit which consisted of 20 minutes of sucking and rimming him , before he shot his indian spunk down my throat !
No pictures , here is one from one of his past visits.

My second visitor first visited me 10 weeks ago. My last post about "Mr.FrenchBrazillian" can be found at the top of the page , here :

This Dark guy is phenomenal in many ways.
First he is handsome , with a sexy , hairy body. Then , the sex is always fantastic.

He REALLY knows how to get assertive and make me deep throat his cock , gag and cover his cock and balls in slime.

Then he moves me on to "rimming" time , as i first rim him on the sofa and then he locks me in my rimming box.
He loves the power and feeling of his arse hole locked on my mouth , as i bring him waves of pleasure.
i am not let out of the box until he decides.
When he does decide it is back to me giving him sloppy blowjobs before he finishes himself off , wanking and spunking all over my face !

He does not allow himself a rest , he just gets my mouth on his dick again and goes for "round two".
More sloppy blowjobs and rimming before he takes me in the bedroom and fucks me !
Back to the living room , more sucking before he wanks again and shoots over my face !

No pictures , here is one from his last visit.

My third visitor saw the return of "b.boy".

i can't beleieve i have been serving this young black boy for 8 years ! Gosh he has gone away to college , returned and done all sorts in that time.

It was a short visit , as i goy him so excited so quickly that he shot his load !
It was still enough time though to give him great head , before he reached for the poppers as i spent 10 minutes in my rimming box , bringing him intense pleasure to his arse hole , with my tongue. He was writhing all over my face .
More sucking almost brought him to the brink but he knew he was not quite ready to cum yet , so , he took me to the bedroom , told me to get on all fours and proceeded to fuck my arse. Gosh , he was like the duracell bunny , pounding may arse.
Naturally , he found my kunt a delight and soon shot his load !

No pictures , i RARELY take pictures of a guy on his second ( or third etc...) visit.
Here is one from one of our previous meetings.
This has always been one of my favourite pictures , as it really demonstrates the "suction" i have on his dick as i am sucking him :-)

My final (fourth) visitor of the day STOOD ME UP. A young black lad who did not show and has not had the decency to even contact me since.
Thats why i am sometimes reluctant to meet very young men , as some have no sense of responsibility. No sense of commitment.

i have said it before , if you make a date with someone , all it takes is a 5 second text to let them know if you cannot make it any more.
The final mark of a man though is one who admits that he did wrong and writes to you with an appology and reason.
Ones who do not do this i consider the "lowest of the low". It shows that they have no manners or respect and , naturally , i avoid them for ever more !

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