11 Jan 2016

Week ending January 9th 2016

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On Wednesday January 6th i pleasure a BDSM Master who asked not to be written about.

On Thursday January 7th i served THREE men.

My first visitor first connected with me , via email , about a year ago and we have been planning to meet ever since.
Today was the day that dates finally came together.
He is a handsome Asian man from Lincolnshire.

No idea of his age , maybe about 30.
He appealed to me because he has one of those DELICIOUS , full Muslim beard and very little hair on his head. i do LOVE a man with more hair on his face than on the top of his head ! i find it VERY sexy.
He was also HAIRY ! So , he scored more points !

Unfortunaletly he was over an hour late for his visit , which left us with VERY little time for me to serve him.
In a manic 15 minutes i managed to suck him and rim him.
i rimmed him in my rimming box , before he pulled me out and literraly "rode" my face with his big, hairy arse :-) My make-up was wiped off as my tongue struggled to hit the mark of his arse hole , as he rode my entire face ! This man LOVES degrading a sub gurl with his funky arse.
Because time was so short , when he decided to face fuck me , he shot his load within a minute.

No pictures i am afraid , just not enough time.

My second visitor had returned to me for the third time in a year.

Another HANDSOME , Indian man.

This man is SO HAIRY , it is incredible. He USED to clip his body hair BUT since meeting me i am so pleased that he decided to keep away from the clippers and present himself to me on this visit with the thickest , longest mass of black hair all over his body. His chest , his legs , even his back.
i can never quite believe it whenever i am on my knees before him , as he is SO delicious.

i sucked his cock and he shot his load in 15 seconds !!!! Wow , what a compliment to me ! He does not beat the 5 second guy from a few weeks back , but he was close !

It is NOT a problem because all it means is that we go for "round two" where i get to sepnd the longest of times sucking on his dark dick and eating his hairy arse hole as he is VERY slow to cum a second time. Thats great for me , just gives so much more time to enjoy him :-)

Here is a pic i have posted before , of me sucking him and a new one , just of his chest , just for you to see what i like :-)

My Third visitor first emailed me about 6 weeks ago.
He was in London , on business , from Pakistan ( where he lives) . He had seen my website and promised himself that he would come and visit me , if he ever got to London.
So , it was an honour that he  was able to visit me today.

So , there seemed to be a "theme" today , with Asian men !
This mature "Daddy Type" is very handsome.

i spent no time at all in getting to work on his rock hard , 7" , dark dick.
My mouth enjoyed every second of him before i suggested to him that i rimmed him.
You know what , he has gone through his entire life and never been rimmed before ?

Well , when my tongue brought waves of unknown pleasure to his arse hole he LOVED it , he could not get enough , he was in ecstacy. It is always a thrill for me to introduce a boy or man to something that they have not tried before and for them to discover HOW MUCH they LOVE it !!!

After rimming, he shot his Pakistani load in my mouth when i returned to sucking him and rubbing his arse hole with my finger :-)

On Friday January 8th i pleasured TWO men.

My first visitor   saw the return of "Arab Bear". He first visited me about 10 months ago.
He is a sexy , handsome , stocky, hairy, paler skinned Arab man.

As with his last visit he enjoyed the oral that i provided him . What he really loves is rimming ! It was so wonderful having his hairy bear arse hole on my mouth and tongue , for me to get to work bringing him waves of pleasure.
He LOVED it and quickly got me out of the rimming box so that he could fuck me in the arse.
He fucked me deep and shot his load ( in a condom) up my arse :-)

It is ALWAYS a pleasure to srve him.
Here is a pic from his February 2015 visit.

My second visitor connected with me on a BDSM website. A website for the "harder" , kinkier players.

He had chosen the 5pm - 7pm timeslot on a Friday , the LAST timeslot in every week where i can be used harder and more filthilly.

Master W is a good looking White Master.
He appealed to me first in words , when he wrote saying:

"Your profile is exactly the type of depraved and perverted profile that catches my eye.  I am not a novice but in no way the most experienced.  I do however know exactly what i want and i have the confidence to take it.  Love humiliation, use, abuse, any thing kinky ....including fisitng, throat fucking, verbal abuse, toilet use....essentially looking for a piece of meat who wants to please and be used like a nasty whore."

So , i IMMEDIATELY liked his confident , assertive , NASTY nature :-)

His time was limited with me today , as he had come from work and needed to get home to his wife , before she could suspect anything.

However , in the hour that he was with me , he did EXACTLY as he desired , he used me like a "piece of meat".

First there was the sucking , then there was a little rimming.
Then , he took me to my playroom , which was all set up for him.
He laid me on the bondage table , put latex gloves on , lubed up his hands with Crisco lube and then proceeded to FIST my arse hole !

He LOVED the power trip as i was impaled on his hand , as he called me vile names.

However , he revealed later that his MOST important reason for visiting me was his need to use me as his TOILET.

i was told to lay under the playroom "toilet" seat as he set the video camera to "record".

He was wanking furiously as he told me " you nasty piece of shit - i have been saving this dump for two days , you'd better be ready for a big load of my SHIT".


He stood up and rubbed his scat all over my face.

Then , he lifted the toilet seat and aimed his cock at my mouth. It was full of his  shit when he face fucked me and pushed his turds further down my throat.

"You really are a nasty piece of work" he said , as he shot his load all over me.

i was so honoured to have been able to be a dedicated submissive for him , for him to realise his nastiest desires.

No pictures, HOWEVER , there IS the video ( remember ? )

i wont post a scat video on here , as i know it is an aquired taste ( excuse the pun) BUT , if anyone wants to see it , you can ask me for the private URL to watch it.

Just email me , tiffanylondontv@yahoo.com , with "scat video" in the subject line and i will send you the link.


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