31 Jan 2016

Week ending January 30th 2016

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On wednesday January 27th, 2 of my 3 visitors dropped out, so , i ended up only serving ONE visitor.

"Mr. C" was making his fourth visit to me in 3yrs.

We first connected through a website called "The Black Mans Fan Club".

Asi have written about him before , there is no need for a lengthy write up.
Lets just say i sucked his cock for as long as he desired and i rimmed his arse until he was in a stupor ! This man LOVES attention to his arse.

He cum when i was sucking him and rubbing his arse hole with my fingers.

We did not take any pictures today so , below are some that we took on past visits and you can see what a big boy he is :-)

On Thursday January 27th i served TWO men.

My first visitor was "Mr.Rotterdam"

This 6ft, early 30's Black man was visiting London on Business.
He had seen me on the internet and wanted to take advantage of my services.

As with all men , before i met him , i asked him the question....
"Have you met or been pleasured by a tgirl (transvestite) like me before ?"

This was his reply......

"No! I have no idea what to expect, but as I was going through your website, I simply had a big erection! This was my sign to contact you, as I would never have any erection to "gay" images or porn! Yes I do realise you are different than natural born girls, but my mind (which is the defacto sexual organ) is telling me: you are visiting a woman who is hungry for cock, who is a bit "different"! thats all. And with you I have a feeling that I can just be myself and live out my desires and just "shove" my cock in without arguments and complaints .. and speaking!! .. so to sum it all up: yes, i am ready to meet you!"

His reply was so typical of the answers i get from Straight men. It is always very welcome and it makes complete sense.
i am so pleased that , in this day and age, many men are curious and open minded.
i guess it is a tribute to me and my blog also that they have the confidence to KNOW that i am real , genuine and hyper discreet and that they can visit me in total confidence.

And so , when he arrived i got straight to work on his cock.
i did INDEED deep throat him , as i knew this was his desire.
He was blown away by the feelings of my powerful , deep suctions on his black dick.

i switched to rimming him whilst stroking his dick with my hand , at the same time.
i could tell by the moans he was was making that he was receiving sensational pleasure.

When a man gets THIS worked up he soon wants to fuck me.
So , he took a condom as i got on all fours.
Soon he was fucking me in my ass , as i gripped his black dick.
It did not take him long to shoot his black seed inside me.

So , i think i fulfilled his remit and also gave him a better experience that he had imagined.
Well , he says he wants to come and visit me , whenever he is in London , so i guess that speaks volumes.

We did not take any pictures , i asked , but he declined. 
He said he will think about it , on his next visit.

My second visitor i shall call "Daddy Choc".
This man had first contacted me on a website called Fabswingers , 3yrs ago.
At the time we exchanged emails and i just waited for him to get back to me with a day and time to visit me.

As often happens, things in life get in the way and i actually never heard back from him.
Then , recently , he contacted me again on Fabswingers.
THIS time though , we managed to set a date.

Gosh , 3 years was WORTH the wait for this sensational man !
He is dark skinned , mixed race and handsome with a trim , athletic body. He is probably in his 30's.

His nature though is just like that of a "daddy". He is very masculine and has a "daddy-like" appeal. 
Gosh , if i was a little girl , i would want a daddy just like him !

i was surprised to discover he is quite hairy and the hair between his arse and his balls is nice and long. Gosh , i LOVE men who are hairy , especially hairy arse holes :-)

i dropped to my knees and began to suck his perfectly sized, dark dick. It was able to fill my entire mouth and throat. Being filled with cock makes me feel all submissive and content - i LOVED his dick in my mouth.

What followed was an hour and 15 minutes of pure pleasure.
i spent copious ammounts of time with my lips around his cock. Often he would stop me from sucking by just getting my hair all up in a bunch and grabbing it with his hand , then lowering my mouth down on to his dick, and then keeping it there. He would slowly manouvre me up and down , like a human "fleshlight".

He loved me rimming his hairy arse hole . Infact , he locked me in my rimming box , as he lowered his arse hole on to my tongue  , and kept me working his hole for 15 minutes. i was in heaven !

Back to sucking , he often manouvred my head in to different positions and , still gripping me by the hair, he would work my mouth , dictated by his own pace and desire , up and down on his delicious cock.

Sometimes , he would manouvre my ass to be within reaching diatance and gave me small spanks , just to keep me in line. He also fingered my hole.

When he decided he wanted to cum , he took me to the bedroom where we both lay lat on my bed.
He pushed my head down in line with his thighs. He impaled my mouth on his cock and used my mouth as a fuck hole. He shot his load down my throat.

What a sensational man he is - i cannot wait for him to visit again as i could eat him every day ! Actually , he says that he is visiting me again next Wednesday , i cant wait !

Here is one of the pictures that he took.


On Friday Jan 29th i was called away from home on business , which means i had to cancel the three men in my diary. i was really disappointed , but , i guess these things happen from time to time.

Ever wondered whne i will be serving black cock ?
You can see for yourself on my diary at :

Until next week folks , have a good week and remember , play safe !




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