26 Dec 2015

Week ending December 26th

Hi Folks, for those of you who celebrate Christmas , i hope that you had a lovely time.

i have cut my days of servitude down to just one day per week over the Christmas and New Year period.

So , this past week , i served on only one day.

On Tuesday 22nd December i pleasured just two men , one little shit stood me up , otherwise it would have been 3.

My first visitor saw the return of a Polish man , whom i have been serving for over a year now.

I was ordered to open the door to him in full LATEX coverage , including latex full face-mask.

His sex doll opened the door to him and i led him in to the living room , where he stripped off and i immediately began to suck him.

After a while , he told me he needed to piss , so , he led me to my bathroom and placed me in the bath. It took a while for his hard dick to get a flow on , but , when he did , he pissed over me. i managed to catch a little in my mouth and swallow :-)

Back to the living room where i sucked him some more. My appearance and our activities had gotten him so worked up though , that he shot his load.

Alas , it was all over far too soon for me as he got dressed and went home to his wife :-(
(no pictures)

My second visitor saw the return of the assertive Black lad whom i first pleasured exactly a week ago.

He is a young ( early 20’s) , good looking black lad and his latest contact to me was through Fabswingers.

He had a wonderful , confident attitude and he was assertive as he directed me to suck him , rim him and then bend over to take his black dick up my arse.

He likes to cum by pulling out , removing his condom , wanking his dick then shooting his load in my mouth.

He told me to hold it there , whilst he took a picture. He then ordered me to swallow.

Here are the pics.

This coming week , i am serving on just one day again, on 28th December.
From January 6th i will be back in full flow , serving 3 days a week :-)