17 Jan 2016

As promised - another new video for you - Fucking, gaping,wrecking Tiffany's ass

Here is the second installment of the visit from "Junior".

Here you will see how much this lad loves to fuck arse !

See me struggle to take his MASSIVE cock.
Watch him work over my hole until he batters it in to submission so that it has no fight left in it and just hangs there , gaping.

He truly wrecked my hole - it is not meant to be a "pretty" sight , instead you see how gaped , loose and sloppy he made it.

After he had almost destroyed - he took me to my playroom , strapped me down , pushed "poppers" up my nose , grabbed a large can of lube , some black latex gloves and FIsted/Punch fucked me !!!

Enjoy and , as always , your comments are much apprciated.


If video is not visible, it is most likely your browser does not support HTML5 video

If video is not visible, it is most likely your browser does not support HTML5 video


  1. Superb tiffany! Love seeing your fantastic ass getting fucked. Definitely going to come down to south london to stretch you wide open

  2. @anonymous - thank you and please do :-) Tiffany xxxx

  3. Perfect display BBC owned whore "you own that hole" was a perfect signal. You are the princess of London serving BBC Kings. can't wait for the Chapter 3, fisted asscunt and the perfect mouthful of cum swallowing. Go baby !

  4. @Anonymous above. Thank You for your lovely comment , i am flattered. As soon as the next dark skinned man wants to film his fisting of my asscunt , i will post it for you. Kisses, Tiffany xxxx

  5. good girl. love the way you hold yourself open ready to be drilled. you should post pictures of yourself in that position. won't be able to get to see you in person for a while to have my BBC worshipped. would fuck you for hours