22 May 2016

Week ending May 21st 2016

Well , i officially started my annual summer break LAST weekend BUT one of my regular , domiannt, hunky , Black men "Mr.Dragon" emailed me telling me he needed my ass on Friday.

So , on Friday May 20th i served "Mr.Dragon"

Mr.Dragon is a sexy , assertive , powerfully build black man whom i have been serving for quite some time. He has several entries in this blog.

Things started normally, where i sucked his big BBC and rimmed his arse.
He took me to the bedroom and fucked me hard.

Then he told me he wanted stretch my ass even more , so , he took me to my playroom and strapped me down on my back on the fuck bench.
He raised and tied my legs in the stirrups so my hole was now facing him.
He pulled over a seat , so his face was at my arse hole level.

In this predicament , i was unable to move , my ass was exposed and vulnerable for whatever nasty ideas he had in mind.

He took one of my large black dildos. It is 3 times the size of any cock.
He lubed it well with Crisco and then started to invade my hole with it.

Fortunately , with my free hand i was allowed to take hits of poppers.
The poppers got to work fast and soon my hole was relaxing , stretching and yearning for more!

He then took my GIANT Victor Dildo.
The head on this dildo is as wide as a grapefruit.

He placed the head at my puckering hole and then proceeded to drive forward.
Soon the massive girth was stretching my hole as i took hits of poppers.

When the head of this monster enters my kunt , you can actually let go of the dildo and it will NOT fall out.
It is so big and heavy that the arse muscles do not have the strength to push it out. Once it is in , it is in for good - until someone uses a lot of force to pull it out.

Mr.Dragon stepped back , hands free , stroked his big dick and admired his handywork.

There i was with a gigantic dildo wedged up my hole.

At this time , i just had the head inside me.
He wanted it deeper.

So , this nasty man took a rubber mallet off my toy shelf and proceeded to actually HAMMER the dildo further up my arse.

With each heavy blow thundering through my body , he hammered the gigantic dildo further and further inside me.

My ass was being stretched to its limits and then... beyond !
i was completely full , impaled on this gigantic phallus.

He stopped and admired his handywork again.

The thing is , with a dildo this size , when you get "contractions" and try to push it out - you actually cannot. Instead , the arse just sucks it in deeper.

So , there i was , strapped down , impaled on this gigantic dildo which i could not push out. i was my own worse enemy , because every time i pushed on it the more i created a vacuum and a space for it to go deeper.

After a while , he used all of his strength to pull the dildo out of me.

He lubed both of his rubber gloved hands with thick globs of crisco and then started to stretch me with his fingers.
My arse had been so stretched by the dildo that i had no resistance.

Soon his big , black hand was right up inside my arse hole.

He then took pleasure in gently rocking his hand in and out of my arse , for me to get used to the size of him.

After a short while , he picked up the pace and pressure.
Soon he was punch fucking my wrecked hole with his fist.

He unstrapped me and got me on fours with my arse in the air.
With his fist removed , my hole just sucked in air , to fill the space.

He was looking down in to my well-gaped hole.

In this position i was in a much better angle for him to mercilessly punch fuck my hole again.
This time , he went deeper.

When he had had enough , he withdrew his hands and went to shower.
i just lay there with my ass throbbing and gaping. My mind full of endorphins and in quite a state ( a nice state)
i could not function - i could easilly have just been raped by 10 more cocks by this time , as my hole had no resistance.

No pictures were taken , although there are some videos of me being fisted on xhamster.

Below though is a picture of my ass impaled on the giant Victor Dildo , taken in the past.