24 Apr 2016

Week ending 23rd April 2016

On Wednesday April 20th I served FOUR men.

My first visitor I have served several times now . "Mr.FrenchBrazillian" visted me two weeks ago.
As I have done so many write-ups about this hairy , dark hunk , we decided to take some pics , instead of more words , for you !

My second visitorcontacted me on fabswingers , just days ago. This sexy “Indian Daddy” told me I was to be his slave.

I sucked his dark cock and then he told me to lick his body all over. I complied and ended with his feet. It is quite taboo in his culture to “show” the feet and so , seeing me lick and suck his feet and take his toes in my mouth really turned him on.

Next he told me to chew his arse hole. Not rim , but chew !!!

So , I got my mouth around his puckered hole and then chewed away. I was chowing down on his funky arse hole when he told me to grab the can of coke that was nearby , plus the straw and to squirt the coke up his hole. I duely did so.
Next he told me to drink ! He grabbed my head, pressed my mouth tight against his hole, opened his bowel and pushed the filth in to my mouth. He covered my mouth shut with his hand and ordered me to swallow ! Gosh , this Master really does not how to defile a slave !
He was so pleased with me for consuming his filthy mess , so he fucked me as a reward.

My third visitor last visited me in December 2015.
“boy Brixton”  is an 18yr old , handsome , tall , athletic,  black lad from Brixton.
A short amount of time bringing pleasure to his cock with my mouth soon had him shooting his load.!
Round two was a further 20 mintes of sucking , before he gave me his second load !
Here is a picture taken on his last visit.

My fourth visitor last visited me 18 months ago.
This married Bull of a black man has a BIG 9 inch cock.
It was wonderful sucking him , before he ordered me to fuck myself with a dildo as he watched , stroking his big dick.
Next , he grabbed a condom , tossed the dildo aside and rammed his big dick up my arse to replace it. Gosh – he filled me so much.
He pulled out as he told me he wanted to cum in my mouth. And so , sucking him for a little more time soon had him shooting his spunk down my throat. 

On Thursday April 21st i served TWO men.

Firstly it was my honour again to serve "Mr. Sleaze".

He means so much to me and has visited me so often that he even has his only “search tag” on the right hand side of the page.
Today , this strong , handsome , Dark Bull wanted me masked , with a collar and lead around my neck.

I opened the door to him on my knees and when he closed it behind him he thrust his crotch in to my face and teased me with his bulge.
When he finally released his dick I was  made to tease it , with just the tip of his tongue.

Next , he needed to piss , so , my face was forced in to the toilet bowl as he released a stream of acrid piss over my mask and in to my open mouth.

In the living room I finally got to taste his heavy black dick as he skull fucked my mask encased head.

He manoeuvred his funky arse hole on to my mouth and told me to get to work with my tongue , as I cleaned up his hole and brought pleasure to his sensitive ring with my tongue.

Endless control of my latex encased head ensued before he finally shot his huge cum load over my mask and pictured it for you all to enjoy !

My second visitor saw the return of "Mr.G" who i served almost a year to the day ago.

Mr.G just likes to be sucked and rimmed , so , today , i did just that for him.
To add another dimension for his pleasure , i put a silicone ball stretcher around his ball sack.
I then took his balls AND his dick and sucked them together in my mouth !

Soon , he was shooting his load down my throat !


On Friday April 22nd i pleasured two men. 

My first visitor was "Steelman" from E.London. 
He contacted me through fabswingers.

He is a young , handsome , toned black man who is very active on the swinging scene but he has never had a proper encounter with a submissive tgirl like myself.

In no time at all my mouth was all over his big , 9 inch black cock.
i slavvered over his balls before descending to his arse hole , where i brought loads of rimming pleasure to his hole.
i had gotten him so worked up that he said he wanted to fuck me in the ass.
In just 2 minutes of fucking me , he shot his load ! Such is the delight of my ass that it has men cumming in no time at all.

After a little break he put me back on his dick.
Just lots of sucking and attention to his dick , balls and arse this time.
20 mins of attention had him cumming for a second time !

My second and final visitor was “Mr.Beef” who is frequently mentioned on this blog as he is a very , frequent visitor. He is a stocky , muscled , handsome , Bull of a Black man .

Today I sucked him and rimmed him , before climbing on top of him and riding my hole on his thick , black dick.
I did all the work as I milked the spunk out of his balls and dick , as he shot his load up my ass.

I left the poor bloke drained and he is running the London marathon today ! I hope he has recovered his energy !


  1. Busy week for you,love those feet sucking pics:)

  2. @anonymous. Thank You for your compliment - i am glad you enjoyed . Tiffany xxxx