1 May 2016

Week ending April 30th 2016

On Wednesday April 27th i pleasured ONE man.

The first man was returning visitor “Nubian1”.
I first blogged about this man in April 2014.
He visits me about once , every 6 months ( wish it was more ! )
When you affectionately use the words “Black Bull” he is EXACTLY the type of man who springs to mind.
He is a tall , sexy , built , strong , mountain of a man. When he lies next to me in bed , he seems to have twice the body mass of myself – he is huge !
To match his frame he has one of the biggest cocks too , that I have even come across.
I am afraid the pictures do not do him justice. You can make out the thickness of his giant BBC in the pics , but not the length.
A total “girlfriend experience” over the course of an hour and a half had me sucking , rimming and being fucked by this gorgeous man and his monster meat. Gosh , this man gives me jaw ache as getting my mouth over his dick is like getting my mouth over the width of a can of coke !
When he lowers his huge , beefy arse down on to my face , for my tongue to get to work on his arse hole , he often cuts off my airflow !
It is always a pleasure when he visits.
We did not take any pictures today. Below are some from past visits.

 On Thursday April 28th i pleasured FOUR men.

My first visitor saw the retun of "Daddy Choc".

Gosh , this hot , dark , sexy , hairy Brazillian man has visited me several times over the past few months. It is ALWAYS a pleasure.

He has the full measure of me now , so , he just arrives , strips whilst i fix him a drink and sort out his favourite big booty porn and then he sets , places me between his legs and then just lets the pleasure come to him.

This man just LOVES to feel my mouth on his dick - he loves it so much i have been known to spend a solid hour with my mouth on his dick.

Today though , i had him busting in 25 minutes after some serious oral and rimming.

He is insatiable though , so , after a 2 minute break he was ready to go again, pushing me back down on his dick and telling me to "get back to work". Soon he was busting again :-)
No pics today , here is one from just last week !

My second visitor saw the retun of "Sri Lankan Boy" who first visited me a year ago and has visted me two or three times in the last 4 months.

This dark skinned young lad has the most handsome face and AMAZING pecs !
I love looking up at him , whilst i am sucking his dick and seeing his giant pectoral muscles looming over me.

His desires are simple : sucking and being rimmed.
Gosh he even said to me today " Do you know Tiffany , NO woman can suck like you " BUT he said it with a touch of sadness in his voice. As if he had been searhing for and had met several women recently and was disappointed that they do not even come close to my talents as a cocksucker !

No pictures today , here is one from a previous visit 

My third visitor , you will be pleased to hear , for your reading pleasure , was completely new to me .

i had logged on to Fabswingers and within an hour he was here before me.

"J89" is a tall , hunky ,handsome Black man who lives close to me.

He had met tgirls in the past , so , he knew the score when he visited.

His body is wonderful , i would call him "thick set" which is always wonderful when a big , beefy arse lands on my face , for me to get to work on with my tongue !

Preeceding that , naturally, was lost of sucking on his perfect , tasty 8inch Black dick !

After a "smoke" he got lost in his world , as i got lost in mine , just bringing continueous pleasure to his dick and arse hole.

All too soon he bust his nut and leaft me yearning for his next visit.

Here are some pics we took today

My fourth visitor saw the return of one of my Caucasian male visitors.

Yes, i do pleasure white men on an "escort/paid" basis.

This likeable but dirty man likes to feel my lips on his dick and arse before having me do a "show" , stretching my hole with dildos.

Today , i first opened my hole with a slim , black dildo.
Then i brought out my steel speculum , gave it to him and told him to push it inside me.
With the turn of a wheel this closed speculum not opened up and held my hole open, nice and wide and deep.
i then danced infront of his face , as he wanked. He was able to look right up inside my open hole and stroke my ass lips.

Next i took a much larger black dildo , passed it to him and got him to push it in to the speculum hole and fuck me with it. My arse could not resist the big black dildo as it was securely held open by the speculum.

Soon , he was busting his nut in streams - it was such a turn on for him.

When escorting ( which is quite rare for me , as i do not do it for a living) i do like to make sure that any visit is tailor made for the needs/desires of my paying client.   

We did not take any pictures , but , here is a picture of my ass gaped with a speculum.


That was it for this week.

i just have 2 more weeks of servitude to dark cock , before i take my extended summer break and then stop updating this blog.



  1. Will you still be available for use after your break?

  2. @anonymous - Yes , i serve cock October to May every year - have done for the last 10 years - i just take the Summer times off.

  3. Mmmmm great, I got worried when you said you are not going to update this blog

  4. @anonymous - i am NOT going to update this blog after May 15th 2016 , as explained in this blog post :