22 May 2016

The END of my regular weekly updates

Many of my readers will know that it is now three and a half years since i allowed you all in to my life with weekly accounts of my servitude to dark cock.

In that time , half a million people have seen my blog.
Many people "subscribe" to it and look forward to my weekly updates.

i am afraid that TODAY i STOP composing those weekly updates. i am afraid it just takes up too much of my time. Also , i think 3 and a half years of accounts of my life as a sex slave is enough to demonstrate that i am real and genuine and i am devoted to cock.

In this blog you will see that i am indeed a sex slave to Black and dark skinned men and their cocks - i NEVER ask for anything from them in return.

You see and will read that my personal preference is for Black and dark skinned men e.g Black , Mixed, Nubian , Indian, Dark Arab etc....
It is NOT EVER about cock size, i am NOT a size queen. It makes no difference to me if a dark cock is 2" long or 12". They all deserve to be worshipped and served. For me it is entirely about the contrast in skin colour against mine. i find dark skinned men "exotic".

You will read that for the past 3 qand a half years i have pleasured anything between 6 and 12 dark cocks every week.
Dark men just visit me, i pour them a drink , i have porn playing for them on the TV and then i drop to my knees and provide my throat and ass for their pleasure. i ask nothing of them and they ALWAYS have a wonderful time.

These are NOT gay men either. ONLY men who consider themselves heterosexual visit me.
They might be in sexless marriages or with a girlfriend who will not take it up the arse.
With me , they know that i will do that for them.

Some men like to visit for an hour and make thorough use of my holes in all sorts of positions.
Some men will literally get off the tube train on their way home , walk the 2 minutes to my apartment , knock the door , drop their trousers and set me to work on their dick.
In 2 minutes they shoot their load down my throat.
They havent even spoken to me! They then turn around and head home.
THIS is how a true sex slave makes herself available.

It is ALWAYS about HIM , his needs , his desires , it is never about me.

Besides one-on-one servitude to dark men , i also provide OTHER sexy , greedy tgirls to them to use , at my monthly www.thedarkthrust.co.uk    parties. Often 8 tgirls will attend to be consensually raped by 12 Black Bulls.

Whilst my blog is all about my servitude to Dark Skinned Men only , naturally , i have found that i appeal to a LOT of caucasian (White) men too.

At first i used to reply that i was totally off limits to them.
i have come to a comromise though as so many White men were offering to PAY to visit me to serve them , that , i decided i would agree to this, as an experiment , if you like.
i am certainly NOT a full time escort - i have other scources of income , thank you very much, however , i do realise that some White men SIMPLY MUST see me and use me.

So , i do see the occasioanl White man for a fee.
If this interests you , then , please do get in touch with me to book me as an escort.

Finally this will NOT be the last ever post of mine on this blog. It is just the end of my regular , weekly tales of servitude to cock.

i will still post here but posts will be few and far between.

If you need to contact me , you can do that through my personal , informational website at :


It has been a blast sharing my adventures of my servitude to cock with you all.

Love and best wishes,



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