15 May 2016

Week ending May 14th 2016

On Wednesday May 11th i served three men.

My first visitor i shall call "Lad J".

We connected on a website called fabswingers.

He was new to me and he is a lighter skinned , mixed race guy is so very handsome and has a fit , toned , athletic body and the tastiest bubble butt!

He LOVED me sucking his substantial cock before it was revealed that he had never been rimmed before.
Well , those words to me are like a red rag to a bull.
i have said it before and i will say it again.
If you are a male who has never had the pleasure of a slut using her tongue on your arse hole, then , you have no clue about the ecstacy that you have been missing.

It is "not gay" to pay attention to your arse hole. It is another erogenous zone. You have thousands of nerve endings down there and when a slut , like me , stimulates them with her tongue , then , you are in for one of the greatest pleasures of your life !

And so , i got to it and i was right (as always) he found it incredible.
We even moved to my bespoke rimming box , where i lie down and a guy takes a seat on my face.
His arse hole is directly above my tongue and then i get to work , bringing him waves of undescribable pleasure.
In the box , i am trapped, i cannot get out. It is entirely up to the guy for him to decide WHEN he lets me out.

When this guy eventually decided to let me out , he was in a state of absolute ecstacy and horniness.
I barely had time to get to my feet when he grabbed my head and started to face fuck me.

In no time at all , he was shooting his young spunk down my throat !

Below is a picture of my rimming box and another of me pleasuring him.

My second visitor i shall call "Indian Lad H"

He was completely new to me and we connected on fabswingers.

He is a sexy, dark , young Indian guy.

I sucked on his delicious dark dick before moving on to rim him.

The ppor lad had a ticlish arse hole , so , we had to stop doing that !

Instead , he grabbed my head and pistoned me up and down on his dark dick , before he shot his Indian spunk down my throat :-)

My third visitor i shall call "Lad N" 

He is lighter skinned , mixed race.

He is tall and very slim with a VERY big cock.

Naturally , i started by sucking on his huge cock before moving to rim him.

Well , this guy absolutely lives to be rimmed . He cannot get enough of it.
My tongue worked its' magic over a prolonged period of time.

Eventually , he got on all fours with his arse in my face as i carried on bringing him waves of pleasure , as he wanked and shot his load.

No pictures , sorry , he did not want any taken.

On Thursday May 12th i served two men.

Today saw the return of "Daddy Choc".

This hot , dark , hairy Brazillain man has been visiting me regularly. He cannot get enough of my mouth !

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will see at least half a dozen entries for him , this year alone.

It is ALWAYS an ecstatic delight when i drop to my knees and get to work serving him.

His cock is a PERFECT 7inches. His hairy body is phenomenal and so is his hairy arsehole , which i delight in rimming for the longest time.

i never wish bad on people BUT i do hope this perfect man never settles down with a girl and ends his visits to me. i cannot get enough of him.

i am content with the understanding that i am just a cocksucker to him though and that is enough for me.
i treasure EVERY visit of his and look forward to many more.

No pics today , here is one from past visit :

My second visitor i shall call "Aston".

I hope he does not mind but he reminded me in PHYSIQUE of the pop singer, Aston , from the boy band JLS.

He is just average build you see , paler skinned mixed race , with a lovely toned body.

We connected on fabswingers and he loves to chase tgirls.

i had instructions , before he arrived , that i was to lick him ALL over !
Naturally i obeyed and i licked him from head to foot , paying good attention to his nipples , the sensitive place where his cock joins his abdomen and his guiche.

i moved on to sucking his delicious dark dick before moving on to rimming.
i think this was his goal as he absolutely LOVED being rimmed.

i spent the longest time chewing on his receptive arse hole.

i got him so worked up that he grabbed a condom , put me on all fours and invaded my arse hole.
He fucked hard , fast and deep.

When he decided he wanted to cum , he withdrew and wanked his cock as i sucked on the head and rubbed my fingers of his arse hole.

On Friday May 13th i hosted a www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party in my apartment.

Picture the scene:-

SEVEN sexy , greedy tgirls arrive and put the final touches to their slutty make-up before TEN handsome , strong, assertive Black Male Bulls arrive.

The girls are in the slutties , skimpiest outfits and have all thoroughly washed out their holes and are smelling sweet.

By 8pm all the guys have arrived , which is the cue for the girls to go and occupy the various rooms , get on all fours and wait for the onslought of cock.

Bowls of condoms and containers of lube are everywhere.

The men take pleasure in using any or every girl that he desires. Big black dicks invade the 14 holes on offer. Mouths are filled and get to work on cocks only as a preparation for big black cocks to enter and ride their arse holes.

Some men only stay an hour , as they have to get back to their wives and girlfriends, others stay all night ( until party end at midnight).

i have spent YEARS selecting the sexiest , most feminine tgirls to serve black men. i have a pool of 25 to draw upon. They are as competent as any porn star and simply exist to take and pleasure the onslaught of Black cock that comes at them all night long.
They are not allowed to leave until EVERY man has been fulfilled.

i myself was used by multiple Black Bulls on this night. My mouth and arse invaded.
One guy could not even find the time or effort to pull away from the bedroom to go to the bathroom ,so , he pissed down my throat insted. Naturally, i was obedient and swallowed every drop.

Another took my to the playroom and stretched my hole with large toys and , eventually , his fist.
i was impaled on his hand as he fist fucked me , with another girl sucking on his cock and my moans were muffled as multiple black men took their turn in gagging me by fucking my throat.

These parties are hotter than any porn movie you have ever seen.
Black men, you ought to fight to attend. Once you taste a Dark Thrust party you cannot get enough.

i hold them once a month , between the months of October and May. i do not hold them in the warmer summer months , as my apartment gets too hot to "play".

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