8 May 2016

Week ending May 7th 2016

Hello everyone. Are you enjoying the sunshine ?

Well my U.K readers will know what i am talking about as we have some very hot and sunny weather conditions here in the UK. We are hotter than the Mediterranean !

However , this means that i only pleasured ONE man on ONE day this week !
You see , my apartment gets too hot and i loose stamina and enthusiasm to serve men , when it is so hot here. My libido goes to zero, but it does mean that i go outside and do other things !

So , on Wednesday May 4th i pleasured ONE man.

I first connected with this athletic, good looking , toned young man around 4yrs ago through The Balck Mans Fan Club forums.
Since then , he has visited me 4 or 5 times.

"Mr.Ed" really surprised me today. i heard the doorbell go at the time that he was scheduled to visit me , so , i peeped through my viewing hole to see his handsome face.
When i opened the door to him though , he was stood there STARK NAKED with a massive hard-on !
Well , that is a first for me and such a treat !

So , just from his dick i could see that this boy was in urgent need of pleasure!
As with all of our sessions this boy likes lots and lots and lots of cock sucking.
The same ammount of time ( which is a long time!) he likes devoted to his arse hole !

So , after ages of sucking , he told me to get down as he presented me his arse hole.
He said "take in the smell whore".
He had done just as he promised me in a text , he had left his arse unwiped , funky and moist all morning.
"Now get to work with your tongue on cleaning that filth" he ordered.

And so , i did just that - being  the compliant , dirty little slut that i am.
My tongue savoured his funk as he used my mouth like toilet paper.
He told me to get a finger in there and scoop out what "food" i could find.
i duely obeyed.

So he fed me his cock and his arse over the course of an hour.

When he decided he wanted to cum , he wanked his cock as i slurped on his balls and fingered his arse hole.

We did not take any pictures , however , below are some taken on his previous visits. In one picture you will see me under his arse hole in my rimming box!


And that was all for the week - i did not serve anyone else as the weather here in London has been so hot and humid.

I am hoping it cools down a little for my www.thedarkthrust.co.uk party next Friday night (May 13th) when 7 gorgeous , greedy , compliant tgirls will be invited to join me in serving TEN handsome , hunky , virile Black Bulls :-) 

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  1. I just found this blog and love it and will be watching for any new updates and love your style and your passion and that wonderful attitude you have about sex in general and Black cocks in you are a special thing.