4 Mar 2013

Pleasured two men today.......

The first guy came to me within the past 24hrs through an internet contact site.
He said it was his first time meeting a tgirl and so , i was honoured.

"Mr.Cheeky" is a handsome young man with a chunky body.
I have told you readers many times before that i am NOT a size queen. It does not matter to me if a Black Mans' cock is 4" or 14". It is the DUTY of all black owned sluts to pleasure ALL sizes of dark dick.
So , i had NOT even asked Mr Cheeky for a picture of his cock and so it came as a HUGE surprise when out of his jeans he pulled out one of the biggest cock i have seen in my life !
It was as thick as a can of beer and about 10inches long.
He was also very modest about it.

So , it was a total pleasure to serve this man and his giant cock and introduce him to the joys of being rimmed.
When he come , he shot in to my throat.

Here are the pics he took today, enjoy !

The second visitor today was another young man. I shall call him "Mr.Germany" as he is a Middle African man who has lived in Germany and has a slight German accent.

He said that he had met tgirls before , a limited number and that he was hoping to really get back in to them again.
So , schoolgirl Tiffany was waiting for him , because that is how he wanted me dressed.

He is of average build , of average height with an average sized cock. THIS is where the "average" stops as he certainly showed the maturity and nastiness of a man beyond his years.

He had me all over the place. Grabbing my hair and pumping me up and down on his cock, then standing and face fucking me, then locking me in the rimming box and lowering his arse hole down on to my tongue for me to give him a good rimming. He even kept me locked in the head box as he raised my legs and fucked me in the ass !
When he cum he shot all over my face.

After a wash and a cigarette he ordered me on to his cock once again ! This lad has real stamina.
Yet more throat abuse got him in to a frenzy , then he stood up and presented his arse hole to me (i was on my knees). My tongue lapping at his funk soon had him shooting over my face for a second time.
He is a sensational young man and i do HOPE that he will have desires to use me again.


  1. OMG i wanna marry Mr.Cheeky ! any chance to worship and service his superior black cock one day ?

  2. At last, you are back doing what you are only and really good at, being a pleasurable cunthole & cumwhore. Sad Mr Cheeky did not make your pussy-ass gape. Start making sure more activity comes along with more fuck & cum-gulping pics, after all, be the publicslut you claim and start to look like & blossom into.