18 Mar 2013

Comments on my blog

People often take time to comment on my blog and i appreciate it very much. i do read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT and take it all on board.

I would like to respond to a comment left recently. This is what it said........

"Tiffany, I think you are not giving yourself enough credit as a public BBC cumwhore. Your "sucking cock" pictures are ok, but I think you would give a better image of yourself, if there were more pictures of your ass-pussy being used, make your pussy and ass famous. a Before & after being fucked pictures series would be nice, photos and videos while being fucked, spitroasted, pounded, gaping, fisted would be tremendous display of your status, winning much more deserved fame as a true sub-whore. Try to be a bit more convincing, the way you want to be known. I am sure some of your bulls would help (masked or not). get that ass-pussy visibility. Also please make some effort showing you are the best cum swallower in your league. best A german black bull and admirer."

Firstly , Thank You Sir for taking an interest in me , i am very flattered.
To address your point i am afraid there is a lack of pics of me being fucked etc... due to the fact the men i am with are "too in the moment" to think about taking pictures.

You see , when a man decides to visit me and use me as his slut , it is really ALL about him , his needs and desires. Most , but not all , are kind enough to let me take a picture with their cock in my mouth when they arrive. These pictures are taken at the very start of their visit.
We then put the camera away as it would just be a distraction and possibly a barrier between him and my serving him.
When men visit me , it is NOT about pictures at all ... it is all about THEM, THEIR desires and ways in which i can serve them best.

It would be different if this was a "pay site" and i was creating content to sell etc... There then would be all sorts of pictures. The thing is , that would totally change the dynamic and it would be more about the mechanics of getting pictures than the fluidity and freedom of me serving men as an amateur , sexual submissive.

When i can i will try and get more "fucked in the ass" pictures. There are a few on here , not many , just click on the keyword label "fucked in the ass" and "gape" and they should come up.
Also there are some pics and videos of me being fisted. Again , to find these , just click on the keyword label "fisting".

I guess the only way to produce the type of content that you mention is for me to be kidnapped for a weekend by a guy who will invite his black friends around to use me constantly. He could then take as many pictures as he wanted of my hole being wrecked by black meat.
i AM willing to travel , so , any takers ?

In the meantime , below are a couple of pictures just for YOU "A german black bull and admirer."


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