21 Mar 2013

Second visitor today - "Mr.Lean"

"Mr.Lean" contacted me 3 days ago. i simply sent him the link to my diary , for him to see when i was free and he picked a day and time that was convenient for him to visit me and use me for his sexual gratification.
There is no messing around with me , if i say that i am going to serve you , then , you get my diary link and you choose your day and time - simple.

This tall , lean African man is MAD about tgirls. He loves the fact that we dress to please and do anything that we are told.

"Mr.Lean" told me has was fucking his girlfriend in bed this morning but he did not cum . He said he was saving it for me. He told me that he has spent many occasions watching my videos online and bustin a nut over me. i am so flattered.

Today was his opportunity to have me for real and , as is usual , it was entirely up to him how i served him.

He wanted me to suck him a little but we soon moved over to the rimming seat where he lowered his arse hole on to my tongue and i spent a quarter of an hour giving pleasure to his arse with my tongue. During this time he was wanking furiously and fucking my arse with his fingers. He loved seeing in the mirror infront of him how he was stretching and "growing" my arse hole. i myself fingered my hole as he sat upright , pressed his arse hole in to my mouth and wanked at a faster pace. He stood up, gave his long black dick a few more tugs and then shot his load over my face and in to my mouth.

Here are his pics........

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